The government is still downplaying the visa scandal. “If Mr. Rau had not been number one, he would probably have been dismissed.”


The PiS president argued on Saturday that there was no visa scandal. Minister Zbigniew Rau also repeats that there is no scandal. He himself does not feel complicit. Even less is he considering resigning.

Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau has nothing to blame himself for the visa scandal and assures that he does not feel complicit and is not considering resigning. Zbigniew Rau is in New York at the UN General Assembly, but, like all United Right politicians in the country, he repeats that there is no scandal, because out of almost two million visas issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs over the last 30 months, the prosecutor’s office officially questions the correctness of the issuance 268 of them. – This is one tenth of a per mille – adds the minister.

The opposition points to the corruption mechanism itself when issuing visas to residents of countries other than Ukraine and Belarus, and this concerns over 250,000 visas. The MPs themselves do not know the scale of the irregularities. – Even if it is a scale of 1 percent or 10 percent, it is a huge amount of money, if we are talking about several dozen thousand euros. Someone took advantage of this practice, and this government, as I said, is very rapacious, very greedy and very greedy – says Michał Szczerba from the Civic Coalition.

Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro says about the possibility of selling Polish visas that he “does not downplay the matter”, which is reflected in requests for arrest to the prosecutor’s office, but at the same time he calls the whole case a “scandal”.

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Hołownia about the visa scandal: we will settle it until the last visaTVN24

A matter of choices?

Zbigniew Rau is still at the top of the PiS list in the Łódź district, and Dariusz Joński, the candidate from the first place on the KO list, was waiting for a debate with him on Monday in Łódź. Among other things, to ask about the visa scandal. – Some visas are bought for bribes in front of these embassies, without checking and controlling the people who came, making it difficult for us to feel safe today because we don’t know who he invited here – explains Joński.

Tomasz Trela ​​from the Left will also fight for a seat in one district with Zbigniew Rau. Although he is waiting for a debate with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he believes that Zbigniew Rau should honorably resign. – We know – and this is unofficial knowledge – that if Mr. Rau had not been number one, he would probably have been dismissed. Kaczyński does not want such blasphemy, because then the first place would be empty, i.e. the PiS list would start from the second place, so there will probably be neither the resignation of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor withdrawal from the electoral list – speculates Tomasz Trela.

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For now, due to the visa scandal, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Piotr Wawrzyk and the director of the legal office Jakub Osajda have lost their positions, and the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has initiated inspections in all consulates. – I can’t imagine why we should go to Europe and arrange our things, if in the Polish government at various levels, we still have to explain which ones, smuggling of people for money flourished. After all, when such things happen even in the most distant country, governments are responsible for this – emphasizes Szymon Hołownia, Polska 2050, Trzecia Droga.

The prosecutor’s office is still investigating irregularities in issuing Polish visas.

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