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The government wants to verify local anti-LGBT resolutions. Comments from opposition politicians

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The deputy head of the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, Waldemar Buda, asks local governments to once again consider anti-LGBT resolutions. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

In July, the European Commission initiated proceedings against Poland related to equality and protection of fundamental rights. – What is happening around this concept is one great mystification, which is primarily aimed at building a false image that people with a different orientation than heterosexual are persecuted in Poland, that they cannot enter somewhere – says Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Kaleta.


In the resolutions adopted by local governments, there is indeed no phrase “LGBT-free zone”. The same term “LGBT propaganda” or “LGBT movements” is often used in a negative context. – They gave permission to their councilors and the fact that the wording is not mentioned, it does not mean that the spirit of the resolution is not exactly that: excluding, despised and closing the feeling of LGBT people being part of the community – claims Barbara Nowacka from the Civic Coalition.

In July, the European Commission initiated proceedings against Poland related to equality and protection of fundamental rightsJULIEN WARNAND / PAP / EPA

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“Local government authority is elected in democratic elections and is independent of the government administration. (…) resolutions adopted by councils and regional assemblies are subject to the supervision of the voivode’s representative only in terms of legality” – this government responsewhich was sent to the European Commission on the so-called anti-LGBT declarations.

The reply to the European Commission stated that “all persons, regardless of their sexual orientation and regardless of their place of residence, enjoy legal protection in Poland”. – On what treaty and moral grounds does the European Commission want to punish regions, communes, voivodships that publicly express their support and support for the traditional family model, i.e. for Christian values? – PiS MEP Beata Szydło wonders.

– The EU treaties clearly state that the Union is based on respect for human rights, the principle of non-discrimination, respect for minorities, tolerance and the rule of law. There is no such thing in these resolutions, emphasizes Krzysztof Śmiszek from the Left.

The government wants to verify local anti-LGBT resolutions

Deputy Minister Waldemar Buda said on Thursday from the parliamentary rostrum that the authorities asked local governments to re-analyze the resolutions adopted in recent years in terms of discrimination. – And if any of them had discriminatory elements, of a discriminatory nature, we suggest, of course, to update them, to leave them in such content, so that they do not raise the slightest doubt – he says.

Uncertain money from the Union because of anti-LGBT zonesTVN24

– The government is trying to show: we had no influence on it, because it was done by independent local government officials. But this is not true, because it was done by the members of this political party and the leaders of this formation had tools to counteract it, believes Jacek Jaśkowiak, President of Poznań.

For the time being, those in power seem to be calm about the further course of the proceedings. – It must be clearly stated that there is no risk of losing funds – emphasizes Waldemar Buda.

The European Commission decides on the response of the Polish government

We will have to wait for a reply from the European Commission. Brussels may also go to the second stage of the infringement procedure, which may end in a lawsuit to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

“We received a response from Poland to our letter of formal notice on time. We are now analyzing the response before deciding on the next steps.” informs the spokesman of the European Commission Chistian Wigand. The European Commission may withhold 125 million euros in subsidies to regions that have announced so-called anti-LGBT resolutions.

Main photo source: JULIEN WARNAND / PAP / EPA

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