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The head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Jan Grabiec, on changes in public media, including TVP

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Citizens are waiting for reliable information. TVP employees are trying to make every effort to ensure that all programs can function immediately and reach all interested parties, said Jan Grabiec, head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. In a conversation with journalists, he said that the government was starting work on “a new order in public media.” – Prime Minister Donald Tusk started talks with President Andrzej Duda on this matter – he added. – Before the law is created, it is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of public media – he explained.

Proceedings of the Sejm. Watch live on TVN24 and TVN24 GO

Broadcast of the Sejm session.

The head of the prime minister’s office spoke at the briefing about the events of recent hours, focused on the situation on government television, where – alongside its employees – politicians from Law and Justice are protesting. He emphasized that “there is a lot of false information circulating in the public space” and “citizens deserve reliable and sourced information.”

He recalled that on December 19, the Sejm adopted a resolution regarding “restoring legal order and the impartiality and reliability of the public media and the Polish Press Agency“.

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– This resolution, among others, referring to the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal of December 13, 2016, indicates the need to take immediate corrective actions to achieve the objectives set out in the resolution, i.e. restoring the rule of law and ensuring access to information for citizens, by ensuring the proper functioning of public radio broadcasting units and television and the Polish Press Agency. In accordance with the standards of the rule of law in the transitional period, i.e. until the adoption and implementation of appropriate legislative solutions – he reminded.

– Due to this resolution, we are starting work on a new order when it comes to public media. Prime Minister Donald Tusk He has already started talks with the president on this matter Andrzej Duda – added Grabiec.

The head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister described that these works “should be of a very broad nature, take place in an atmosphere of social dialogue, take into account the opinions of all interested parties, including creative communities and civic associations.”

– Before the law is created, it is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of public media. Therefore, on December 19, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage announced a general meeting of shareholders of public media companies. During this meeting, resolutions were adopted regarding the dismissal of supervisory boards of public media companies, he explained.

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Jan GabiecPAP/Paweł Supernak

Notifications regarding events on TVP

Grabiec mentioned that “on the same day, the TVP supervisory board appointed Tomasz Sygut, president of the TVP management board,” and “the next day, December 20, at 8.30, the chairman of the supervisory board and the president of the TVP management board came to TVP and met with the dismissed president, Przemysław Herbut.”

– The outgoing president took note of the decision of the supervisory board, and the new authorities took over the management of the company. The outgoing president proposed a meeting with TVP employees and the new TVP authorities. However, the meeting did not take place because at 11 a.m. a group of aggressive people broke into the building – he mentioned.

As he noticed, they were among them PiS MPs. – The outgoing president of TVP and the president of the new supervisory board came out of the management board rooms to meet with PiS MPs. Unfortunately, the attempt to talk ended with insults and aggressive behavior of PiS MPs and people accompanying them, he described.

He added that there was also an “attempt to block the office of the president of TVP and prevent him from performing his official duties”, and therefore the president of TVP notified the police.

The police, as Grabiec said, appeared at Woronicza and “restored peace by securing critical infrastructure.”

– Due to the aggressive behavior of PiS MPs and bystanders who broke into the TVP building, the President of TVP submitted a report on suspicion of committing a crime by limiting the ability to move around to perform official duties and by disorganizing the work of TVP employees. The police are investigating this case, he said.

Grabiec: citizens are waiting for reliable information

Grabiec appealed to “all people involved in this situation to remain calm.” – I especially appeal to the members of the PiS club, who showed a lot of emotion in this situation, to stop aggressive behavior and stop blocking the work of public media – he said.

– Citizens are waiting for reliable information, they are waiting for real public media. I know that TVP employees are trying to make every effort to ensure that all TVP programs can function immediately and reach all interested parties, he noted.

He also pointed out that the afternoon news program was not broadcast because “PiS MPs unfortunately prevented the television from functioning.”

– This situation is unprecedented. We are of the opinion that all behavior in the TVP building should be explained by the police and the prosecutor’s office, and then be assessed by the court. There is no doubt that the evidence collected so far regarding the behavior of bystanders and MPs in the building in Woronicza Street will be the basis for taking further actions, he concluded.

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