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The head of the e-Health Center was dismissed. In the background, the case of Dr. Piotr Pisula

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The Minister of Health dismisses the head of the e-Health Center. The situation with e-registration is still not good, and medical confidentiality was said to be reprehensibly bad, as confirmed by the Office for Personal Data Protection after the shocking attack of the Minister of Health from the PiS government on one of the doctors. The head of the e-Health Center allegedly took part in this attack.

Two years ago, Paweł Kikosicki was appointed director of the e-Health Center by Adam Niedzielski. He was the intermediary in the illegal transfer of sensitive data of Dr. Piotr Pisula to his boss in August 2023. – Paweł Kikosicki is undoubtedly co-responsible for the disclosure of sensitive data of Dr. Piotr Pisula from Poznań – notes Judyta Watoła, journalist of “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

It is therefore not surprising that Izabela Leszczyna removed him from this position. The Minister of Health diplomatically explains that “close cooperation between the e-Health Center and the Ministry of Health is necessary.”

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“It was an intense time during which we did a great job,” Paweł Kikosicki comments on his dismissal. It is worth recalling this “job” from the first days of August 2023. At that time, we reported in “Fakty” TVN that many doctors were unable to write prescriptions for painkillers and psychotropic drugs after the Minister of Health changed the regulations regarding their issuance. Doctors reported these cases to the e-Health Center headed by Kikosicki. They also informed media.

Pisula in “Fakty po Faktach”: I was called a liar, it is absolutely unjustified TVN24

Ministry activities

Despite everything, Adam Niedzielski believed that there was no problem. Finally, irritated, he attacked the media and doctors: first of all, Dr. Piotr Pisula from Poznań, who said in “Fakty” TVN that he had problems with issuing prescriptions.

“Yesterday, doctor Piotr Pisula issued a prescription for a psychotropic and painkiller drug. These are FACTS. What lies await us today?” – with this entry, Adam Niedzielski broke medical confidentiality and violated the patient’s rights. The director of the e-Health Center, Paweł Kikosicki, helped him with this. These findings are the result of parliamentary control.

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– Paweł Kikosicki personally provided this information to Piotr Węcławik, director of the Department of Innovation at the Ministry of Health, who in turn sent Dr. Pisula’s sensitive data directly to Minister Niedzielski via WhatsApp – emphasizes Judyta Watoła.

Niedzielski was dismissed after that, and a few months later the Personal Data Protection Office imposed a fine of PLN 100,000 on the Ministry of Health.

Now Dr. Pisula will demand a similar amount in a civil suit. – I presented a pre-court summons to remove the effects of the violation of my personal rights and the donation to charity by the then Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski – Pisula informs. The lawsuit has not yet been filed.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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