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The head of the Ministry of National Defense: a new fence 2.5 meters high will be built on the border with Belarus

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Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak informed that a new 2.5-meter-high fence will be built on the border with Belarus. He also announced that there will be more soldiers to help the Border Guard.


The head of the Ministry of National Defense informed about this decision on Twitter.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense announced on Friday that the Polish Army is patrolling the border section with Belarus together with the Border Guard. “Today, over 900 soldiers are taking part in the operation. If necessary, we are able to immediately increase the involvement” – wrote the minister on Twitter.

Illegal crossing of the border with Belarus by migrants

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In recent months, the number of illegal migrants from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries has increased sharply at the borders of Belarus with the EU. Most people have so far been sent to Lithuania, which has accused Belarus of organizing the transfer of immigrants to its territory under the so-called hybrid war.

On Monday morning in the town of Usnarz Górny, police officers strengthened the activities of the Border Guard and the army. A few hundred meters from migrant camps, which is on the Belarusian side, guard access to the border with Belarus.

The army near the town of Usnarz GórnyArtur Reszko / PAP

The Polish Border Guard indicates that throughout the last year, 122 people who had crossed the border illegally were detained in the Podlasie section. This year it is about 780 foreigners. So far, the Border Guard has recorded over two thousand attempts to cross the border illegally, of which approximately 1,350 were prevented by border guards.

Main photo source: Artur Reszko / PAP

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