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The head of Ukrainian diplomacy criticizes Germany. “They are to stop undermining unity and encourage Putin”

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba criticized Germany for its “recent statements”. “German partners are to end with such words and actions undermining unity and encourage Vladimir Putin to attack Ukraine again,” wrote the head of Ukrainian diplomacy.

“Recent statements by Germany on the impossibility of handing over defensive weapons to Ukraine, including by allowing third parties to do so; on the lack of a prospect of reclaiming Crimea; the hesitation in separating Russia from SWIFT does not match the level of our relations and the current situation“- wrote the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Twitter.

As he added, “the unity of the West towards Russia is now more important than ever.” “German partners are to end with such words and actions undermine unity and encourage Vladimir Putin to a new attack on Ukraine,” he said.

He stressed that Ukraine is grateful to Germany for the support it has shown since 2014 and for diplomatic efforts to settle the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict. “But the current statement is disappointing and contradicts this support and efforts,” he underlined.


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Diplomatic screeching after the statements of the German vice admiral

According to the Reuters agency, the commander of the German Navy, Vice-Admiral Kay-Achim Schoenbach, said that Putin deserves respect and that Ukraine will never regain Crimea. “What he (Putin) really wants is respect. My God, it costs little or nothing to honor someone … You can easily give him the respect he demands and probably deserves as well,” he said in the recording that German media circulated. He assessed that Russia’s actions in relation to Ukraine should be dealt with, but added that “the Crimean peninsula is gone, it will never come back, it’s a fact.”

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the German government to publicly correct the deputy admiral’s statements regarding the Crimea.

Reuters agency reports that the German government distanced itself from the words of the commander. A spokesman for the defense ministry noted that the deputy admiral’s statements did not reflect the position of Germany. Schoenbach himself apologized for his “hasty” comments and stated that it was a mistake. He emphasized that the words that were said during the discussion organized by one of the think tanks in India were his private opinion and did not reflect the official position of the ministry.


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