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The health ministry has limited the possibility of issuing e-prescriptions. After protests, the minister introduced changes

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Adam Niedzielski wants to end mass issuing of e-prescriptions. However, the actions of the Minister of Health have many opponents, because it is one thing to curb a pathological practice, and quite another to make life difficult for doctors who treat in accordance with the art of the profession. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

The decision of the Ministry of Health two weeks ago was intended to put an end to the medical business, which consists in issuing e-prescriptions on a mass scale via internet portals.

– For 10 hours of a doctor’s work, the standard for issuing an e-prescription to 80 patients can be achieved. This means that some 300 prescriptions will be the real limit – explained the boss health ministry Adam Niedzielski.

The Minister of Health explained that he wanted to fight pathology that could lead to a threat to the life and health of patients, where e-consultation with a doctor is fiction.

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– We managed to identify 10 doctors who issued between 100,000 and 400,000 prescriptions per year. This means that these doctors issued from nearly 300 to 1,000 prescriptions a day, he pointed out Adam Niedzielski.

Protest in front of the Ministry building

Portals for almost automatic issuing of prescriptions are a perversion of the system, I misunderstand teleporady – says the medical community. But in their opinion, the proposed solution of the ministry is throwing the baby out with the bathwater, because the limits also make it difficult for doctors working in accordance with the art.

– In situations where we have a lot of primary health care, one doctor, holiday season, small town, already around noon the doctor could hang a card “thank you, I’m not working today” – says the chairman of the Council of Experts of the Supreme Medical Chamber, dr hab. Magda Wisniewska.

– In the case of an e-prescription, a single prescription is one drug, because analogies are made to a paper prescription, where we could write five drugs on one prescription – emphasizes family medicine specialist Joanna Zabielska-Cieciuch.

On Thursday, a protest of the Residents’ Agreement took place in front of the Ministry of Health, demanding the right to practice medicine with dignity and the abolition of limits.

– I would like this job to be safe for me and safe for my patients. This cannot take place if the minister arbitrarily and without any consultations comes up with further restrictions, says Sebastian Goncerz, chairman of the Residents’ Agreement. – Because what could be next? Suture limit for a surgeon? – wonders.

The Minister of Health reacted and on Wednesday announced on Twitter that after consulting with experts, he decided to exclude prescriptions reimbursed from the introduced limits, because they are under constant control National Health Fund. “PHC patients have no problem accessing prescriptions. Nearly 100% of those exceeding the limits are employees of online “shops” – emphasized Adam Niedzielski.

Medical chambers for regulating the teleconsultation market

The Supreme Medical Chamber assesses the ministry’s declarations as a step in the right direction – however, they maintain the position that the fight against portals for almost automatic issuing of prescriptions should be based on a completely different assumption.

– We demand regulation of the teleporada market. In our opinion, teleconsultation should be possible when personal contact with a doctor is possible, either stationary or using means of remote communication – says Łukasz Jankowski, President of the Supreme Medical Council.

So if it is to be contact via the Internet, it must be, for example, a real-time connection, and not a self-diagnosis using electronic surveys prepared in advance.

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