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The heat could close shops. Trade organizations wrote to the Ministry of Climate and Environment

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Trade fears the necessity to close stores during the greatest heatwaves. Industry organizations sent a letter on this matter to the Ministry of Climate and Environment, writes Rzeczpospolita on Friday. The daily reports that when electricity consumption grows dangerously, for example as a result of high temperatures, the new law will mean that not only many centers, but also office buildings or warehouses may be forced to stop operating.

“Rzeczpospolita” reached an alarming letter signed by the Polish Council of Shopping Centers, the Polish Association of Developers, the Polish Trade and Distribution Organization and the Polish Chamber of Commercial Real Estate. The letter addressed to the Ministry of Climate and Environment indicates that the effect of the regulation of November 2021 may be the closure of shopping centers, offices or warehouses during the greatest heat waves, which would mean losses for the economy in billions and claims against the State Treasury.

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Limits of electricity consumption – organizations are sounding the alarm

As we read, “in the event of restrictions, companies have to reduce electricity consumption, but the benchmark is the levels from the night hours, when most devices are not working and air conditioning is working at a minimum level.” It added that “the calculated average energy consumption in recent months takes into account the periods of constraints caused by the pandemic, when centers or offices operated at lower speeds”. That is why – organizations are alarming – “relating this to the current situation is detached from reality”.

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They also note that the regulation does not specify a period of time for them to be warned that the electricity will be cut off – it may well be just before that.

Rzeczpospolita notes that previously restrictions on electricity consumption mainly affected industry, now, for the first time, they may also affect trade, but also office buildings, warehouses, etc. for three days.

– It is also a threat to the business continuity of, for example, medical clinics, pharmacies and grocery stores. The lack of power in these facilities may mean the spoilage of medicines or food – Krzysztof Poznański, managing director of the Polish Council of Shopping Centers, tells the newspaper. He also asks, “What will happen to pet stores where live animals need to be kept in the right conditions?” Poznański warns that “hundreds of thousands of Poles will also not be able to work, and millions will not be able to buy essential products and use services”.


The climate ministry does not see any reasons for concern yet, as there have been no restrictions so far. Although they may be, and soon, in Western Europe there is once again heat that may spread to Poland.

According to “Rzeczpospolita”, the organizations did not receive any answers to their appeals or to a meeting devoted to problems that may take place already in the summer.

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