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The “heat epicenter” has left our country. Soon the weather will change again

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Thanks to the atmospheric front that crossed Poland on Wednesday, we have a small break from the heat. However, there are many indications that the emerging baric systems will make the following days very hot, announced tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski.

Thursday morning brought dangerous phenomena to residents of parts of the country. As the presenter Tomasz Wasilewski said on TVN24, storms that appeared in eastern Poland, are remnants of the atmospheric front passing on Wednesday. With its arrival, the weather has changed – it is a bit cooler and cloudier than in recent days.

– We have a low in the south of Scandinavia, and an atmospheric front that brought us a change in weather, i.e. these storms and cooling, is already on our eastern border. This is a cold front that came from the west, over the Atlantic, and has now moved over eastern Poland. On the Polish-Ukrainian and Polish-Belarusian border there may still be thunderstorms and showers, Wasilewski said.

The heat has moved to the southeast

Hot air, which in many regions contributed to a rise in temperature to 30 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, has already been pushed away from our country. Today, even higher values ​​can be expected by the inhabitants of the south-eastern regions of the continent.

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– In Romania today it will be 37 degrees, in the south of Ukraine it will be 35 degrees and in the Balkans in many places 36 degrees. So that’s a very high temperature. There will be today the epicenter of the European heat. Even in Spain it won’t be that hot, 34 degrees. […] On the other hand, the heat that was with us yesterday is being pushed to the southeast – said the presenter.

Meanwhile, the cool Atlantic masses flow into the central part of the continent. They will mean that on Thursday in Poland thermometers will show a maximum of about 24-25 degrees.

Another hot one is coming

It is possible, however, that the next few days will bring us another diametrical change in the weather. According to Wasilewski, “another portion of hot air” is already visible on the horizon.

– In the west of Europe, a high pressure is now forming, which will cut deep into the continent. And this high in the next few days will be the cause of sunny, but also hot weather, because it will start to grab very warm air for us. Therefore, on Sunday the temperature will again exceed 30 degrees. So yes – Thursday, Friday and Saturday with definitely moderate and “living” temperatures, while on Sunday and Monday it will get very hot again – Wasilewski said.

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Further forecasts indicate that this state of affairs will continue for the next few days. The presenter mentioned that the predictions do not speak of a troublesome and long-lasting heatwave. – These are the most tiring things, because they do not give us rest and time to regenerate. You can see such three-, four-day heatwaves – just like last time – and then cooling again. So I think it’s the kind of weather that is easier to bear, summed up Wasilewski.

You can watch the whole conversation with Tomasz Wasilewski here:

Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather in the coming daystvnmeteo.pl

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