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The heat is not letting up in Greece. June was a record month

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June was the hottest month in the country since 1960, Kostas Lagouvardos, director of the Greek national observatory in Athens, told AFP.

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Greece's record-breaking heat in June

In a very popular Mediterranean country, also among Polish tourists, June 2024 had many days during which temperatures were significantly above average, and in many parts Greece.

Kostas Lagouvardos reported that the average temperature was 3.8 degrees Celsius higher than the 1991-2020 average. In the period from 1960 to 2024, June temperatures were 2.5 degrees C higher than average.

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Heatwave in Greece in June are nothing exceptional, but as a rule they are not higher than 30-31 degrees Celsius. In 2024, however, June brought much higher heat to this country, reaching 35 degrees, and in the middle of the month it was ponad 40 st. C – Lagouvardos emphasized.

Weather dries Greece, more than doubles wildfires

Such intense heat has serious consequences that have recently been felt by tourists from all over the world, including Polish. There have been many serious fires on various islands, including very popular island of Kos.

As reported by Greek government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis In June 2024, a total of 1,281 fires were recorded in this country. For comparison: in June 2023 there were 533. Scientists blame climate change for the worsening situation in Greece, among others.

Heatwave in Greece and Italy

W Greece it is still hot, which is confirmed by the forecasts for the coming days. In the north and east of the country temperatures will approach 40 degrees Celsiusand at the end of the week and at weekends they may exceed this threshold in many places.

The extreme heat is also affecting other countries in the Mediterranean region. The latest forecasts for Italian indicate the return of the African anticyclone, which will bring to the Apennine Peninsula temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius. This will be the fourth heat wave in Italy this year.

According to Italian weather forecasters, temperatures in the south will exceed 35 degrees Celsius this week, and on Thursday and Friday we can expect real heat, reaching 41-42 degrees Celsius on the south.

Italians will not rest at night either, because it will be muggy and stuffy all the time, and in many parts of the country there will be tropical nights.

Record-breaking June all over the world

It wasn't just Greece that had a record-breakingly hot June. As the EU climate agency Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) reported on Monday, it was the hottest month of its kind in the history of the entire planet.

The average air temperature on Earth in June was 16,66 st. C. This is the result 0.67 degrees Celsius higher than average for this month calculated based on data from 1991-2020.

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