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The heat of hell is flooding Spain. It’s another time this summer

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Spain is struggling with its second heatwave this year. Meteorologists do not have good news – in the coming days the temperature during the day may be around 40-45 degrees Celsius, followed by tropical nights. Persistent high temperature increases the risk of fire.

The second heat wave has begun in Spain this summer, which will cover the entire country and last at least until the end of the week, warned the state weather agency Aemet. Thermometers are to show up to 40-45 degrees Celsius, and there is no need to count on relief even after dusk, because weather forecasters predict tropical nights (this means that the minimum temperature during the night will be higher than 20 degrees Celsius). The heatwave is the result of the advent of the African anticyclone (aka boomer).

Good advice for hot weather

Experts advise residents to stay hydrated in hot weather, to drink at least two liters of water a day, to avoid going outside around noon, and to wear brightly colored clothes. They indicate that apartments should be aired in the morning when the temperatures are the lowest, and then it is worth keeping the windows closed to cut off the heat supply inside.

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“Some people put pajamas, sheets, pillows and towels in the freezer before going to bed so that after taking them out, they can cool down and fall asleep. If they do not have air conditioning at home, they put bottles with frozen water in front of the fans, which lowers the temperature of the room – wrote the daily” La Razon “on Sunday.

The journal also provided a method of quick cooling of the body used for a long time by the British Navy – it consists in immersing the hand in cold water, which leads to a rapid decrease in body temperature. Immersion in water at 15 degrees C for 10 minutes lowers the body temperature by 1 degrees C – he pointed out. This method is also used by athletes.

You can also put ice on the wrists and sides of the neck, because in these places the blood vessels are close to the surface of the skin – according to the journal.

“La Razon” reminded that in hot weather you also have to take care of your pets. As he writes, they should be in the coolest room of the house, and outside – only in the shade, with access to fresh water. The newspaper recommends that animals should also be cooled with cold compresses applied to the head, neck and chest.

The second heatwave in SpainPAP / EPA / ANGELES VISDOMINE

They do what they can

Already, many people in Spain are trying to find a quick fix to the heat. On Sunday, on the Guadalquivir River in Seville, the thermometers showed around 43 degrees C. Many people tried to rest near the water.

For Rasha, one of the tourists who lives in Abu Dhabi, the heatwave is not a pleasant surprise.

– It’s not as nice as we’d like it to be, but it’s what it is. But compared to the desert, it’s not that bad, she said.

In turn, Lazaro Cun from Guatemala was looking for a rest in the shadows of Madrid’s Casa de Campo park to escape the heat.

“It’s hot, but at least you feel better with the wind,” he said.

The second heatwave in SpainPAP / EPA / JUAN CARLOS CARDENAS

Increased fire risk

High temperatures also pose a risk of bushfires.

According to the authorities of the La Rioja region in northern Spain on Sunday, 90 firefighters have fought to contain a large fire since Saturday. In El Ronquillo, near Seville, around 100 people were evacuated after flames trapped them in their homes.

In June, the Spaniards experienced the earliest heatwave since 1981, according to AEMET.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / ANGELES VISDOMINE

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