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The heat record in Austria lasted for 90 years. It died over the weekend

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On Sunday at the measuring station in the town Bruck an der Mur noticed exactly 30.0 degrees Celsius – reported the Austrian weather service GeoSphere Austria. For the first time in history, heat appeared so early in Austria.

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Austria with hottest record in April

According to specialists from GeoSphere Austria the heat of April 7 is a new national record. So far, the earliest limit of 30 degrees Celsius was reached on April 17, 1934 in Salzburg.

Although it was the earliest heat wave on record Austria, it was not yet the highest temperature in April. The city of Waidhofen an der Ybbs still holds the lead in this competition: April 28, 2012 32 degrees Celsius was recorded there.

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It was not only in Bruck an der Mur that it was so warm. In Drautal, 29.8 degrees Celsius was recorded on Sunday – only slightly lower than the April heat record in Carinthia (29.9 degrees Celsius in Pörtschach on April 7, 2011).

In addition, several Austrian measurement stations recorded the highest values ​​in the second part of the weekend. For example in Schmittenhöhe, at an altitude of 1,956 meters above sea level, it was 16.9 degrees Celsius on Sunday. Thus, the local April heat record from April 18, 1934, when it was 16.4 degrees Celsius, was broken.

It's getting warmer and faster

However, GeoSphere Austria draws attention to the ongoing global warming. Last weekend was 10 to 15 degrees warmer than average for early April in this alpine country.

Sunday was unusually warm in virtually the entire country: 204 out of 278 weather stations recorded at least 25 degrees Celsius. Typically, these types of temperatures are expected in the second half of April. This year they appeared much earlier.

We are also experiencing early heatwaves in other European countries. Last week, 31 degrees Celsius was recorded in Crete in Greece.

Source: AFP, Zamg.ac.at

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