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The housing debts of Poles are growing. Silesia most indebted

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Almost PLN 300 million – this is the debt of non-payers. According to the National Debt Register, the largest number of registered housing debtors is in the Śląskie Voivodeship. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Shopping is expensive, bills are rising and rent is often not enough. Managers of municipal blocks, but also cooperatives and housing communities are struggling with non-paying tenants.

– We have a lot of debtors who are in arrears for a short period of up to four months, and there are also a lot of people who do not pay the full amount of monthly service fees – says Michał Gołąb, the head of the legal department of the Warsaw Housing Cooperative.

According to the data of the National Debt Register, such arrears amount to almost PLN 300 million. The average debt is over PLN 15,000. However, not all of them end up in this register.

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– Beyond warnings, beyond threats, there are no consequences. If someone has not paid and does not enter it, he comes to the conclusion that these are losses on lachy and there is nothing to worry about – says Andrzej Kulik from the National Debt Register. We know this is just the tip of the iceberg. These debts are many times higher, he adds.

According to the KRD, the largest number of registered housing debtors is in the Śląskie Voivodship. Their total debt is the largest, over PLN 133 million. Behind him are Opole and Łódź.

– The Central Statistical Office summed up rent arrears at over PLN 6 billion, and the hundreds of millions that we have in our databases are not really much – believes Łukasz Rączkowski from BIG InfoMonitor.

The housing debts of Poles are growing

But the Central Statistical Office summarized such backlogs in 2016-2020. – We must eat, we must repay the loan, for many people the natural way of looking for survival opportunities are delays in rent payments – indicates economist Marek Zuber. – The mortgage must be paid first, because the bank can step in very suddenly – he warns.

We often postpone paying the rent. Monika Wellman, a debt collector from the Warsaw Housing Cooperative, admits that if the debtor says he wants to repay, but for now there is no way, WSM comes out with a settlement proposal – deferment of payment or division of fees into installments.

The housing debts of Poles are growingShutterstock

– More and more people ask us to divide into installments not only the debt, but also subsidies from the central or water, and this is often one thousand zlotys in two or three installments – he points out.

This money may be missing for cleaning or renovation. – Renovation needs should be limited to the most necessary, and some activities should be postponed to the next years – indicates attorney Michał Gołąb.

Those who don’t pay have nothing to fear

Cooperatives and communities that add debtors to the KRD recorded a decrease in debt by 40 percent. – Residents who pay their liabilities on time want the community or cooperative to effectively collect their debts – says Łukasz Rączkowski.

Those who do not pay, after being entered in the register, have nothing to fear. – He becomes a high-risk client, i.e. someone with whom it is possible not to conclude a contract – warns Andrzej Kulik.

– If we already conclude contracts, it is on much worse terms, and if it is a bank, it may demand a guarantor or deposit on the deposit to have protection against such a person who does not pay back – he explains.

This, in turn, can also mean trouble when buying cable, internet or taking a loan.

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