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The Hubi Cup tournament has started in Wrocław. This is a tennis tournament for children under the patronage of Hubert Hurkacz

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The Roland Garros tennis tournament began in Paris, and in Wrocław, the youngest tennis players could try their hand at the Hubi Cup – a tournament in the Skrzaty age category, i.e. children up to twelve years old. The patron of the competition is none other than Hubert Hurkacz, who has already played his first match in Paris.

The French Open is underway, so the Polish men's tennis star is now in Paris. His matches are followed by the Dwarfs.

– He's doing well here so far, he's winning, so I keep my fingers crossed for him – says Kazimierz, a participant of the Hubi Cup 2024 tournament. – My idol is Hubert Hurkacz and I would like to play just like him – says Michał, another participant of Hubi Cup 2024.

– It's great that you dropped by. I'm very, very glad you're here. Have fun. Fight as best you can and enjoy playing tennis, Hubert Hurkacz told the tournament participants before it started via Skype.

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Hubi Cup is the highest-scoring tournament in the Dwarfs' age category

This is a valuable meeting for sixty-four young players taking part in the second edition of Hubi Cup. – We had this idea, a bit inspired by conversations with Hubert. When he was 12, he was happy when he could go to a nicely organized tournament – recalls Krzysztof Hurkacz, Hubert's father.

Hubi Cup has the rank of a Super Series. It is the highest-scoring tournament in the Dwarf age category, i.e. children up to twelve years old. – Hubert is very willing to use himself to promote tennis and make children happy, our ideas have merged – says Radosław Bielecki, organizer of the Hubi Cup tournament and president of Come-On Tennis Club Wrocław.

– Iga and Hubert simply show that this sport is becoming more and more accessible to people and show that this sport is mainly for children – comments Kamil Pilarczyk, father of a Hubi Cup 2024 participant.

– It's a great experience, so for them it's great fun, great competition, I think there's something to fight for – says Mariusz Borzęcki, father of the Hubi Cup 2024 participant.

Tempting prizes and more

Thanks to Hurkacz, eighth in the ATP ranking, the sponsor of the main prize, four finalists of the Hubi Cup, single games for girls and boys, will go to a professional tournament in Germany.

There, the children will see what the tournament actually looks like, meet Hubert and, we hope, soak up the atmosphere that will push them to continue working and developing in this discipline – says Radosław Bielecki.

– I would like to go to Halle, I would like to see Hubert Hurkacz. I have big chances, but also small ones, because there are a lot of good players, I'm also good – says Jakub Pilarczyk, Hubi Cup 2024 player.


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Young tennis players appreciate not only tempting prizes. – There are plenty of places where you can, for example, warm up outdoors, and the courts seem nice, too – says Antonina Szyszkowska, one of the tournament participants.

– We even received T-shirts and soon we will play a singles match, and then we will play doubles together – say Natalia Czerniecka and Lena Wagner, participants of Hubi Cup 2024.

The names of the final winners of the singles competition will appear on the courts, next to Hurkacz's image, on the mural. – I didn't expect anything like this. I hit some balls on this wall and they even went beyond the wall – admits Hubert Hurkacz.

This year's edition of Hubi Cup will last until Tuesday.

Main photo source: TVN24

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