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The incident in Sarnowa Góra. The Black Hawk was intended to be part of a “static display”, not to fly

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New findings on the incident involving the police Black Hawk in Sarnowa Góra. Deputy Minister of the Interior, Paweł Szefernaker, says that the police helicopter was to be part of a “static exhibition”. Maciej Lasek, former chairman of the State Commission for Investigation of Aircraft Accidents, considers this explanation to be “putty”.

It’s been over a week since the events in Sarnowa Góra. On August 20, during a picnic organized on the occasion of the 103rd anniversary of the Battle of Sarnowa Góra, a police Black Hawk first flew right over the participants of the event, and after a while crashed into the high-voltage network. Now, from the mouth of the deputy minister of interior and administration, responsible, among others, for the work of voivodes, we learn that this flight was not supposed to take place at all.

– He was supposed to be standing there. During a military picnic, Black Hawk arrives, stays there for a few hours, is watched and flies away. This is how it was supposed to look like – explains Paweł Szefernaker, Deputy Minister of the Interior and Administration. Minister Szefernaker also added that the presence of a police helicopter at the picnic was held on the same terms as the visits of tanks or armored vehicles at military picnics. – There were, for example, also Leopards. (…) In Poland, hundreds of various types of military picnics took place this summer – adds Sefernaker.

According to Deputy Minister Szernaker, the police Black Hawk was to be part of the so-called “static exhibition”. – The static exhibition is also characterized by the fact that this helicopter or plane does not fly. It just stands, explains Capt. Robert Zawada, pilot, author of the book “Bound Wings”. – Stands until the party is over, and flies off later when possible. Of course, it doesn’t fly over people like it did in this case. This is absolutely forbidden, he adds.

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Maciej Lasek, former chairman of the State Commission for Investigation of Aircraft Accidents, also does not accept the deputy minister’s explanations. “It’s really putting putty in,” he says. Maciej Lasek specifically points out what makes the visit of the police Black Hawk in Sarnowa Góra not a static exhibition. – From the point of view of procedures, it was not a static display, because the crew of this helicopter after take-off turned around and flew over the residents gathered there, clearly to impress these residents. To give the impression that this flight is so low. And what happened happened, Maciej Lasek adds.

Incident involving the Polish Black Hawk. The opposition wants the minister to resignMaciej Knapik/Fakty TVN

Questions about responsibility

Both experts also emphasize that during the static display of airplanes or helicopters, it is necessary to carefully secure the place where the machine is presented. – There must be procedures that will ensure the safe arrival of this helicopter, landing, separating it from people, the impact of the stream behind the main rotor, the impact on people, so that the distance of people from the landing site is large enough – Lasek enumerates. – Relevant services should secure the area in the sense that people cannot approach this helicopter, and if they can, because it often happens, then someone from the crew should be on this helicopter and watch it – adds Capt. Robert Zawada.

As you can see, there are many questions about the events from Sarnowa Góra. The TVN24 reporter once again tried to ask them at the Police Headquarters. However, he still didn’t get an answer. One of the key issues is the issue of responsibility – both for the presence of the helicopter at the picnic and the unlucky flight. – We have different levels of responsibility. There is, of course, the responsibility that comes with operating an aircraft. We still have political responsibility. Political responsibility, ladies and gentlemen, rests with the minister. Here I want to say clearly and clearly that Minister Kamiński is responsible, he is a constitutional minister, for the entire ministry – believes Ryszard Kalisz, former Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration.

On Wednesday, before the Parliamentary Committee on Internal Affairs and Administration, questions from MPs regarding the events in Sarnowa Góra are to be answered by the Minister of the Interior, the Chief Commander of the Police and the President of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Main photo source: ciechanowinacza.pl

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