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The inhabitants of Rogowiec, living next to the hazardous waste landfill, do not believe in the declaration of Minister Jacek Sasin

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The inhabitants of Rogowiec near Bełchatów (Łódź Voivodeship), where one of the largest hazardous waste landfills is located, are skeptical about the announcements of the Minister of State Assets, Jacek Sasin, regarding the cleaning up of waste belonging to the Nitro-Chem company. – Then we will believe how all this will be taken away – emphasize the inhabitants of the village near Bełchatów.

Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin informed on August 10 that Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa was obliged by him to solve the problem with the waste of the Nitro-Chem company, located at the landfill in Rogowiec near Bełchatów, and belonging to the Nitro-Chem company from Bydgoszcz.

“I instructed the Polish Armaments Group to solve the problem with the waste of Nitro-Chem. The safety of Poles is the most important. Therefore, although Nitro-Chem has been harmed by dishonest contractors, the waste will be sent back for recycling,” Minister Jacek Sasin wrote on social media on Thursday. .

The fact that such waste went, among others, to Bełchatów and comes from a company in Bydgoszcz was announced by TVN24 journalists Olga Orzechowska, Filip Folczak and Wojciech Bojanowski in a report “Red Waters”.

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A swollen Mauser with a Nitro-Chem stickertvn24.pl

Residents: when it disappears, then we will believe

TVN24 reporter Piotr Borowski spoke with local residents, who approach the announcement of the Minister of State Assets with a distance. – The windows must be closed, because it stinks, the head hurts, so it’s not interesting. I do not believe that it will be taken away, it takes too long, for me it is a bit of a scam – said one of the residents. – When, the question is when? How to elections they won’t abolish it, it will be after the election absolutely. It’s just an election game for votes. No one in the village believes in such fairy tales. If it disappears, then we will believe it – said the resident of Rogowiec.

Red WatersTVN24

Over 400 illegal landfills

There are over 400 illegal landfills in Poland, where criminals left life and health-threatening waste. The mechanism is repetitive: a plot or hall is rented for the pole, waste is transported there, and then – as prosecutor Konrad Rogowski informs – “it simply disappears”. The problem is faced by the owner of the plot or hall, who usually cannot afford to take away the waste and dispose of it.

As TVN24 journalists Olga Orzechowska, Filip Folczak and Wojciech Bojanowski found out, the waste includes the so-called red water, which is produced during the production of TNT. This waste was discovered by reporters and investigators in several illegal landfills. TNT in Poland is produced by one factory: Nitro-Chem from Bydgoszcz.


The co-author of the reportage “Red waters”, Wojciech Bojanowski on TVN24, indicated the cost waste disposal. – The disposal of one such tank, which we had here recently in the studio, such a tank, which holds a thousand liters of chemicals, today costs PLN 12,000. All you have to do is multiply the PLN 12,000 by the number of these tanks. It is very simple, let’s take the largest landfill in Rogowiec and multiply. 12,000 times 50,000, there are 50,000 such tanks, here you go, it’s PLN 600 million – the TVN24 journalist calculated.


Main photo source: TVN24

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