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The inhabitants of Świnoujście have difficult access to the beach. The area around the gas terminal has been closed

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Residents of the right-bank part of Świnoujście have problems with getting to the beach. The inconvenience has been going on for months, because in connection with the war in Ukraine, the governor has designated a protection zone around the gas terminal. Buses have been launched that go to the beach and whose passengers are checked by border guards, but – as residents say – this solution is not satisfactory.

In April, due to the war in Ukraine, the West Pomeranian Voivode in the right-bank part of Świnoujście designated a protection zone around the LNG terminal. After this decision, Ku Morzu Street was closed, which prevented residents from accessing the beach in Warszów.

For about two weeks, a special bus has been taking residents and tourists to the beach, but – as they say – this solution does not satisfy them.

“Before, I was on the beach all the time,” one resident said, adding that she used her car at the time and could be on the beach in two minutes. – Now we are limited by a not very favorable distribution – emphasizes the woman.

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Mr. Artur, in turn, points out that the difficult access to the beach has had a negative impact on tourist traffic. – The season is lost. Normally, every year when there were bus lines going to the beach and there was normal access to the beach, the buses were bursting at the seams. At the moment, as you can see, there are no tourists.

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Residents do not give up the protest

The residents, as Mr. Tomasz informs, are not to stop working on the beach in Warszów. – We will protest until they open the entire Ku Morzu Street. This is our priority and we want them to just do it. It can be done, President Kaczyński himself said that it can be done in a normal way. However, we still feel a bit cheated – says a resident of Świnoujście.

Residents have difficult access not only to the beach in Warszów, but also to two monuments: Gerhard’s Fort and the lighthouse. They can only get there from the water. The West Pomeranian Voivode spoke on this issue many times, he also met with the inhabitants. He assures that he is constantly introducing facilities for residents, but at the same time he emphasizes that the country’s energy security is a priority and introduces solutions that are allowed by the services.

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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