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The Institute of Mother and Child has already implanted over 1,000 endoprostheses in children

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This will be one of those stories that could not be told in such an interesting way without the archive of “Fakty” TVN. The first photos and statements of the characters are from 24 years ago – when doctors at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw began implanting endoprostheses in children. They have just passed the impressive number – a thousand.

Bronek Bujnarowski has an endoprosthesis in his leg and climbs on a climbing wall. He has just reported for a check-up at the Institute of Mother and Child. In 2022, he finished his treatment. – My leg hurt. It hurt, it stopped. No attention was paid, because it is normal for something to hurt. Then, when it swelled up, it was hard to walk, we went to the doctor and it came out – he says. It turned out to be bone cancer. Doctors weren’t sure if the leg could be saved. – When he just came back from the operating block, the first thing I looked at was whether two feet were sticking out and, thank God, they were sticking out – says Ewa Bujnarowska, Bronek’s mother.

Both feet at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw, doctors have already saved a thousand children, because the local oncology clinic specializes in treating bone tumors and implanting – if the bone needs to be removed – endoprostheses. – It’s a lot. We are one of the largest centers in the world, but above all, it is a thousand children who have been given a chance to be fully functional – emphasizes Professor Anna Raciborska, head of the Children and Adolescent Oncology and Oncological Surgery Clinic, Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw.

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A chance for a new life

At the Institute, growing endoprostheses were implanted in children by Professor Wojciech Woźniak. The oldest was installed outside. The next ones were already implanted inside the legs, but their length had to be increased with a crank during subsequent operations. Such a professor implanted, among others, Adrianna Wąsińska. – If it wasn’t for the endoprosthesis, I probably wouldn’t have a leg anymore – said Adrianna several years ago. That’s what she said when she went to the Institute for another endoprosthesis replacement procedure. Now her life is completely different. – The operation was in 2000 and for those times it was quite a modern method. As far as I know, I am the first person in Poland to have a growing endoprosthesis implanted – admits Adrianna.

Then came more news. Three years ago – at the beginning of the pandemic – we showed Zosia in “Fakty” TVN, whose doctors from the Institute will implant a pen-sized thigh endoprosthesis. It was the first such case in the world in such a small child who could not yet walk. – Nobody feels that Zosia is disabled to some extent. It really works 100 percent. She goes to kindergarten, she plays with the children, she runs and jumps – admits Zosia’s mother Ewelina Toczyska.

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