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The Internal Security Agency detained another person allegedly involved in a Russian spy network

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The Internal Security Agency detained another person who was allegedly involved in the activities of a spy network working for Russia in Poland. The detainee is a citizen of Russia and a professional hockey player of a first-league club. The man was charged, and after the court’s decision, he was arrested for three months, the office of the minister’s coordinator of special services and the National Prosecutor’s Office informed.

The Russian is the fourteenth person detained in the investigation conducted by the ABW under the supervision of the Lublin branch of the organized crime and corruption department of the National Prosecutor’s Office.

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The press office of the minister coordinator of secret services and the press department of the National Prosecutor’s Office announced on Friday that the athlete suspected of spying was detained in the Silesian Voivodeship on June 11.

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“The detainee is a citizen Russia and professional sportsman of a first-league hockey club. For foreign intelligence, he carried out commissioned tasks in Poland, including: on recognizing critical infrastructure in several voivodships.

Russian arrested

According to the investigators, the foreigner stayed in Poland from October 2021 and was supposed to keep his clients informed about the results of the reconnaissance. He was also systematically rewarded for it. “The procedural material collected in the investigation confirms his commitment and active participation in the implementation of the tasks entrusted to him,” reads the statement of the minister coordinator of special services.

The press department of the National Prosecutor’s Office informed that the prosecutor accused the man of participating in an organized criminal group and acting for foreign intelligence against the interests of the Republic of Poland. Such acts are punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

PK stated that due to the need to secure the proper course of the proceedings, the real fear of the suspect escaping and the threat of a severe penalty, the prosecutor requested the court to arrest him. On June 13, the District Court in Lublin decided to arrest a man detained by the ABW for three months.

Russian spy network in Poland

The entire group was to be used by the Russians to conduct intelligence activities, including monitoring of railway routes, and received remuneration for the activities performed, according to information obtained on Friday by PAP. The group was also to spread anti-propaganda FOR THIS, Poland and the policy of our government. According to the investigators, they were also supposed to prepare acts of sabotage at the request of Russian intelligence.

The Internal Security Agency continues its intensive activities in this case, and prosecutors do not rule out further arrests in this case.

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