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The invention of Poles saves the lives of children. An implant that grows over with bone tissue and dissolves

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If a child’s skull or other bone is damaged as a result of an injury, it must be replaced with something, and then replaced again, only with an even larger one. Previous prostheses did not grow with the child. This implant does not grow either, but first, like a frame, it protects the organs and grows with bone, and then completely dissolves over time. The breakthrough technology has already saved the lives of several children in Poland and Ukraine.

Extensive skull injuries are a huge suffering for patients and a challenge for doctors. Especially when the patient is a child, because his body is still growing. Therefore, the technology of scientists from the Poznań University of Technology and the Silesian University of Technology, who have developed 3D printed bone-forming implants, may prove to be a breakthrough. – Basically any shape can be made and this shape is very important information here, because we are talking about personalized implants – explains Dr. Eng. Monika Knitter from the Institute of Technology and Materials of the Poznań University of Technology.

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Thanks to the grant that Syntplant received from the National Center for Research and Development in 2019, it has already helped several people. Patients with bone injuries are subjected to detailed diagnostics. Based on images obtained through computed tomography, engineers create an individualized implant model, which is then printed, sterilized and implanted. The innovation is that the implant is bioresorbable and bioabsorbable. – Our implant will dissolve safely in the patient’s body after some time. He will fade away, he will be gone. But the fact that this implant is also bone-forming means that before it disappears, the patient’s natural bone tissue should grow in its place – emphasizes Dr. Eng. Małgorzata Muzalewska from the Department of Fundamentals of Machine Design at the Silesian University of Technology.

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Lublin. Doctors from the provincial hospital were the first in Poland to implant a hip prosthesis Provincial Hospital named after Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński in Lublin

A huge success

The Polish team was contacted by Dr. Pavlo Plavskyi – a neurosurgeon from the largest Ukrainian children’s hospital Okhmatdyt in Kiev, who was looking for help for his patients. Together with Polish scientists, Dr. Plavskyi worked on the best possible fit of the shape of the implants. – This model has large spaces into which the patient’s bone tissue is supposed to grow – says Dr. Pavlo Plavskyi. – We already have post-operative tomography photos, which show that bone has actually started to appear there and grow over the implant. The bone takes up more and more space, and the implant takes up less and less space, he adds.

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The first operation in Kiev took place over a year ago. Patients did not have to pay for it because the costs of production and transport of the implants were covered by the grant. – The child is still in good health, developing and being monitored, which is very important. This resulted in our success that the doctor came to us with two more cases and we developed two more implants. They were structurally a bit better – admits Professor Marek Wyleżoł from the Department of Fundamentals of Machine Design at the Silesian University of Technology. Implants can be used throughout the entire skeletal system. Therefore, Polish scientists also started cooperation with orthopedic and dental clinics.

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