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“The issue of same-sex families requires regulation.” For years, the state turned a blind eye to the matter

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Rainbow families visited Minister Katarzyna Kotula. This is an important day for them because it is the first time that the state has noticed them. In the light of Polish law – they do not exist. The Act on civil partnerships is to include solutions that will also help children from these families.

Wincent came with his family to the prime minister’s office. His family consists of two mothers. – The issue of same-sex families requires regulation. The time has come for this. It’s time, it’s high time – says Katarzyna Kotula, Minister for Equality and MP from the New Left.

For the first time, the state took an interest in their affairs. Although there are up to 150,000 rainbow families in Poland, they do not exist under the law. – What we need most is recognition of our families by the law and ensuring the safety of our children – emphasizes Dr. Joanna Śmiecińska from the LGBT+ Community Association of the Adam Mickiewicz University.

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It’s high time for a change

Wincent has two mothers, but one has no rights to him. – I am a stranger to Wincent. We save ourselves with notarial deeds, but they are not recognized everywhere – explains Patrycja Adamska, Wincent’s mother.

When a Polish child from a rainbow family loses one parent, he or she loses everything. – Every month we ask ourselves “what will happen, darling, if you die or if you end up in the hospital?” No family in a heteronormative relationship does not have to ask itself this question, because it has legal solutions at its fingertips – explains Michalina Dement-Żemła.

Families with same-sex parents do not have such a right. These children cannot inherit from their deceased parents and are not entitled to alimony if their parents separate. – In Poland, we always say that children are the most important, but every day we violate their rights by not recognizing our families – emphasizes Dr. Anna Strzałkowska from the “Tęczowe Rodziny” Foundation, University of Gdańsk.

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Hence the idea to include adoption in the draft law on civil partnerships being prepared, and it is not about adopting children from an orphanage, but about internal adoption – when one parent adopts a child who is formally the other’s child.

– Accept the facts. These families are already here, these children are growing up in these families, now we need to do everything so that the law sees them, but also the law protects them – emphasizes Katarzyna Kotula. Just like it protects every other child. – When we talk about equal treatment and non-discrimination, we are not talking about any kind of privileges – emphasizes Alina Szeptycka, plenipotentiary of the President of Wrocław for equal treatment. – Whatever solutions we introduce for rainbow families will benefit everyone, including independent parents – adds Anna Mazurczak, lawyer.

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