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The issue of subsidies for farmers. Bogdan Matczak: Conclusions do not follow money. People are very dissatisfied

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People submitted applications, but unfortunately, money does not follow the applications – said Bogdan Matczak, a county councilor in Płock, a former farmer, in “One for One” on TVN24, referring to the issue of subsidies for farmers who suffered losses due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. He also assessed that “the drought has caused such losses that profitability in agriculture is currently nonexistent.”

Bogdan Matczak spoke on Friday in “Jeden na single” about the difficult situation in agriculture. As he said, “the drought took its toll, irreparable and irreversible losses”. – We do not know what the harvest will look like, how to sum it all up, because the drought has caused such losses that the profitability of agriculture is currently non-existent – he assessed.

He was also asked about the words of the Minister of Agriculture, Robert Telus, about the export of “4.5 million grains from Poland during these four months” and the issue of subsidies for farmers who suffered losses as a result war in Ukraine.

– There are no ignorant peasants in the countryside – said Matczak. – These are entrepreneurs, young, educated people. They can count and they can make a financial balance for themselves – he added. – Let the minister not say such things for now, because so far the zloty has not yet arrived at the bank. As far as I know, the first ones who transported the grain received their first payments. These contributions are averaged. There is no money they were talking about. People are very dissatisfied, they don’t know whether these are prepayments or advance payments – he said.

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“People have submitted applications, but unfortunately, the applications are not followed by money,” he stressed. – Most likely the government has no money, because there must be a reason that the money does not flow into the accounts – said the guest of “One on One”.

Main photo source: TVN24

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