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The K239 Chunmoo launcher was supposed to reach Poland “in the first half of August”. She didn’t make it to the parade

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The South Korean K239 Chunmoo launcher in the configuration for the Polish army was to reach our country – as the head of the Ministry of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak wrote – “in the first half of August”. She did not make it to the parade on the occasion of the Polish Army Day. Stuck in Rotterdam.

On October 19, 2022, a framework agreement was concluded in Warsaw related to the acquisition of K239 Chunmoo missile launchers from South Korea. A few weeks later, on November 4, an executive contract was concluded between the Armament Agency and the Korean company Hanwha Aerospace. For USD 3.55 billion, the army was to receive 218 launcher modules, each of which was to be used on Jelcz trucks manufactured in Poland.

– The first Chunmoo launchers, mounted on Jelcz, will be launched next year, so it is undoubtedly a very big achievement – announced the head of the Ministry of National Defense on November 9 last year Mariusz Blaszczak.

In a November communiqué, the Polish Army announced that the delivery dates were scheduled for the years 2023-2027, and the deliveries of the first 18 K239 Chunmoo launchers, integrated with Polish Jelcz systems, communication systems and the Polish Topaz integrated combat management system, along with ammunition, will be completed in 2023 year.

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The launcher was supposed to arrive “in the first half of August”

On June 20 this year, the Armament Agency announced that the South Korean transport with the K239 Chunmoo launcher would reach the Polish port “in a few weeks”.

On the same day, the head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, wrote that the equipment will reach our country and will be equipped with the Polish Armed Forces “in the first half of August”.

However, Chunmoo did not make it to the Tuesday parade in Warsaw, which was the culminating moment of the central celebration of the Polish Army Day. As reported by Portal Morski before 2 p.m., the launcher is in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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The K239 Chunmoo is a self-propelled wheeled multiple rocket launcher capable of firing multiple caliber projectiles. It carries two missile containers, each carrying six 239 mm caliber guided missiles with a range of about 80 kilometers or one ballistic missile with a range of about 290 kilometers.

K239 Chunmoo launchers will be mounted on Polish Jelcz vehiclestwitter.com/MON_GOV_PL

Main photo source: twitter.com/MON_GOV_PL

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