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The Kaja Godek Foundation submitted to the Sejm a bill “Stop LGBT”

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The Life and Family Foundation submitted to the Sejm a bill “Stop LGBT”. As reported, 140,000 signatures were collected under the project. As a result, it includes, inter alia, the prohibition of organizing parades and marches of equality.

At the Monday press conference, the Life and Family Foundation announced that it had collected 140,000 signatures for the draft law “Stop LGBT”. Kaja Godek, the head of the Life and Family Foundation, who was present at the conference, said that she counted on the favor of politicians. – We are meeting on the day when we bring the signatures of citizens to the Polish parliament with the expectation that politicians will agree to the postulates contained in the “Stop LGBT Act” – said Godek.

What does the “Stop LGBT” bill include?

The aim of the project is, in effect, inter alia, to prohibit the organization of parades of equality. – The draft contains more precise provisions on the protection of religious and national symbols, among other things, it will not be possible to use processed religious and national symbols at demonstrations that may offend religious feelings – said Krzysztof Kasprzak, the representative of the Legislative Initiative and the other member of the board of the Życie and Rodzina Foundation.

– We believe that (equality parades – ed.) Are a threat to Poland. It is an agenda of a certain movement which is already taking a totalitarian face in Europe. If we do not stop it, we will have a situation where conservatives, righteous people, parents will be sentenced to further penalties, at first financial – he said.

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Kasprzak: we stand here on behalf of the 140,000 people who signed the project

Kasprzak added that the collected signatures are the voice of citizens who support the initiative. – We stand here on behalf of 140,000 Polish women and men who signed up to the “Stop LGBT” project. It is the voice of citizens who expressed their great support for this initiative during the pandemic, lockdown and summer holidays, he said.

– Today we can say that we are again a precursor in Europe. Just as we managed to ban eugenic abortion, so we begin the procedure of banning the promotion of bad things in public space. Our goal is to protect the public space against homoaggression, against homoterrorism. We see what is happening in Europe, we see that these postulates, which start with innocent phrases, are evolving towards a new totalitarianism – he assessed.

Kasprzak said that LGBT communities are the “product” of bad things in the country, and that the complex project aims to protect children and the family.

Kasprzak said that he was counting on MPs to deal with this project soon. – The point is for this project to pass through all readings as quickly as possible and see the light of day. Certainly, in the autumn there will be other editions of equality parades, which will, inter alia, call for aggression against Catholics or people praying. We want this law to be passed as soon as possible, that is our goal, he added.

After the press conference, the delegation from the Życie i Rodzina Foundation went to the Reporting Office of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, where it signed the signatures collected under the draft law “Stop LGBT”. The Marshal of the Sejm now has three months to refer the bill to the first reading.

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