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The king of life in the prosecutor’s office will lose his immunity?

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The prosecutor’s office asked the Supreme Court to waive the immunity of prosecutor Damian W., who was driving a car under the influence of alcohol.

On September 5, 2022, the Tri-City policemen stopped the Kia driver for inspection on one of the streets in Gdańsk. In subsequent attempts, the man “blown” successively 0.28 mg/l, 0.33 mg/l and 0.27 mg/l – which, according to the Penal Code, means that he was driving “intoxicated”, i.e. he committed a crime. This is punishable by a fine or even two years in prison, and the driver’s license is revoked for at least three years.

What’s more: such an increasing score in the second study is interpreted by experts as meaning that the driver had been drinking just before being inspected.

He tried to intimidate the cops

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As we found out, Damian W., at the time of arrest, told the police that he was a prosecutor.

“He was trying to intimidate them into renouncing their actions. All of his behavior was recorded by officers’ personal cameras, one of our interlocutors told us, asking to remain anonymous.

Over the next months, we were unable to officially confirm this information – the spokesman for the National Prosecutor’s Office, prosecutor Łukasz Łapczyński, refused to provide information on the details of the proceedings. Now he told us that the PK’s internal affairs department asked the Supreme Court to waive the immunity protecting Damian W.

– We intend to charge W. with driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated and attempting to incite the police officers performing official duties with him to fail to fulfill their official duties – Łapczyński told us.

Wieslaw KozielewiczPresident of the Chamber of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme CourtTVN24

As we have checked in the Chamber of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court, there is no set date for the meeting at which the decision will be made whether the prosecutor’s immunity will be waived. For now, it is only known that the case will be dealt with by the president of this chamber, Judge Wiesław Kozielewicz.

An extraordinary career

Until his arrest, Damian W. was one of the fastest-promoting prosecutors. Investigators who fight for the independence of the prosecutor’s office from the association “Lex Super Omnia” described him as one of the “kings of life in the prosecutor’s office”.

Few careers are this fast. In a year, he achieved what prosecutors work for all their lives

Before starting his career in the prosecutor’s office, Damian W. worked as a legal adviser, specializing in cases involving doctors’ errors. He was appointed to the position of prosecutor of the district prosecutor’s office in February 2017. After only a year, he became part of a group of ten trusted investigators appointed by the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro he entrusted the conduct of the prosecutor’s examinations. Also in the following year, he was among those who decided who would become an investigator.

However, he did not work in the district prosecutor’s office, because after fourteen months he received the title of prosecutor of the district prosecutor’s office and a delegation to the highest level of the prosecutor’s office – to the National Prosecutor’s Office and then to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk.

Main photo source: Lubusz police

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