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The lack of replantation services is still a problem. There is “improvisation, guerilla warfare, scouting”

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This story began near Łomża, when a farmer lost two fingers in an accident. The man managed to help, but not without difficulties, because in Poland there is still a problem with replantation duties. Currently, the system involves someone sitting on the phone and calling subsequent hospitals. If he is stubborn and lucky, he may find a doctor in another province.

A farmer from Łomża prefers not to show his face. However, it shows the fingers that doctors from all over Poland were dealing with a week ago. – I was spreading fertilizers in the field, because I have a farm at home, and I went out into the field and had an unfortunate accident. I put my hand into the fertilizer spreader and it cut off my fingers, says the man.

On Saturday, March 9, the only doctor on duty in Poland who could sew the fingers of a farmer from Łomża was Dr. Adam Domanasiewicz from the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wrocław. The problem was that on the same day a resident of the Opole Voivodeship lost his thumb. – If I accepted these fingers, I would have to give up this thumb, and if there was a child or an adult with a completely amputated hand, he would be left without help – says the surgeon.

In this situation, doctors from the hospital in Łomża, where the farmer was waiting for help, started calling the whole country in desperation to find help for the injured man. There are few specialists in limb replantation, and it was necessary to find someone somewhere in Poland who could drop everything, quickly come to the hospital and start the long-hour operation.

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– The problem is always getting the team together, it also took us a lot of time. It's Saturday, a day off, so everyone has their own plans – emphasizes Paweł Maleta, president of the Polish Society of Reconstructive Surgery of the Muscular Organ, a doctor from the 5th Military Clinical Hospital in Krakow.

Doctors gathered to sew the 2-year-old's fingers back on. “They called all over Poland.” Replantation continues to failMarek Nowicki/Fakty TVN

The ministry wants changes

Finally, Dr. Paweł Maleta agreed to sew the farmer's fingers back on. It was successful because he also managed to bring in an additional orthopedist. – I had planned time with my family, but there is a need, there is an opportunity to help, so I agreed – says Capt. Łukasz Wawrzyniak, orthopedist from the 5th Military Clinical Hospital in Krakow.

In a similar way, in February, the fingers of a patient from Limanowa were sewn on. – We were the sixth place that a persistent doctor from Limanowa called. I called, they refused, I called, they refused, I called, no answer – recalls Jarosław Maroszek, director of the Hospital. Saint Jadwiga of Silesia in Trzebnica.

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It was the hospital in Trzebnica that finally agreed to admit the patient. However, this replantation mess is finally going to end. – This cannot be a permanent solution. Improvisation, guerilla warfare, scouting – and this, unfortunately, has been happening since the beginning of the replantation service – points out Domanasiewicz.

The Ministry of Health will start paying replantation surgeons for their readiness to work.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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