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The last center accepting refugees from Ukraine has ceased to exist. This doesn’t mean that help disappears

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This is the end of its operations – the last center accepting refugees from Ukraine has ceased to exist. It cost a lot, and the needs today are much smaller than two years ago. Back then there were thousands of refugees a day, today hundreds – but every month. What kind of help will refugees in Poland be able to count on now?

Hanna Sergeevna will turn 90 in three months. Can not walk. Her granddaughter took her out of Ukraine. – She lived alone in Kiev. She fell and broke her hip. We had to take her somehow. She was very afraid there. She couldn’t sleep. There is very heavy bombing there now, says Ira, a refugee from Ukraine. The old woman will go to Germany, where her relatives live. Not all evacuees can count on such support. That’s why volunteers look for shelter for them.

– That’s what this point is for, to solve such problems. When he is gone, we will solve them on the platform – says Kajetan Wróblewski from the “Asymetryści” Foundation. We are talking about the reception center for Ukrainian refugees at the Warszawa Wschodnia station. The center ceases to exist.

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It operated for almost two years. Over one hundred thousand people passed through it. Many fled with one suitcase, leaving their life’s work in Ukraine. Just like the couple from Lysychansk, occupied by the Russians. – We don’t have any plans. We are simply waiting for the war to end to return home, says Ala, a refugee from Łysyczańsk.

At the Warsaw center, refugees could register and rest. They received food, clothing and psychological support, but above all, information about what to do next. – The cost of maintaining such a center is also huge, but funds are already running out. The truth is that interest in the very situation of refugees from Ukraine is decreasing. We also have practically half of the funds we had last year – explains Aleksandra Minkiewicz from the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Refugees from Ukraine thank Poles. “Without you there would be no us”Partnership Hub

Significant costs

The monthly cost of maintaining the center was half a million zlotys. At the height of the crisis, several thousand refugees arrived there every day. In January this year, there were less than five hundred of them. – There are still places needed to accommodate these people, but they still exist. These are private shelters and those run by provincial and city governments, notes Neil Brighton from the Norwegian Refugee Council.

The problem is the coordination of activities. Therefore, the Masovian Voivode will create an information point for refugees from Ukraine at the Warszawa Wschodnia station. A similar one is already in operation at the Warszawa Zachodnia station. Refugees also have a hotline at their disposal at 987.

The Russian army has launched another offensive in eastern Ukraine. The fighting may force more civilians to flee.

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