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The last time something like this happened was 15 years ago. A week after the season ended, there was a risk of a tropical storm

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Parts of the Atlantic are currently experiencing conditions that are conducive to the development of a tropical storm. It wouldn’t be surprising if hurricane season wasn’t over. If AccuWeather’s forecasts come true and the phenomenon becomes strong enough to receive a name, it will be the first named December storm in 15 years.

The Atlantic hurricane season officially ended on November 30. However, on Wednesday – exactly one week later – AccuWeather meteorologists discovered that a baric system is circling over the ocean and has a good chance of becoming storm tropical. If the system proves strong enough to be named, it will be the first named December storm in 15 years.

– We expect an area of ​​low pressure over the south-central North Atlantic Ocean to hover over warm water for much of this week. There is concern that it will develop into a tropical storm, said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Adam Douty.

The presence of warm water is one of the key components of the atmosphere that is necessary for the development of a tropical storm.

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It can get stronger

The Atlantic has been calm since early November. The most recent phenomenon was Nicole – a Category 1 hurricane – which struck the east coast of Florida. Although the season is over, forecasters intend to continue the list with names for hurricanes. Therefore, the potential storm will be named Owen.

Hurricane Nicole in the Atlantic – satellite image on November 8, 2022NASA Earth Observatory

As Douty explained, this system will continue to strengthen. On Thursday, Invest 99L – as the U.S. Hurricane Center (NHC) calls it for now – was about 128 kilometers southeast of Bermuda. It carried with it a fairly wide zone of precipitation and lightning.

While the potential storm will not be near any land, it can still bring some phenomena to them and affect shipping, for example.

– This system will be large, it will stretch for hundreds of kilometers. As a result, wind and high waves can be felt far from the center of the phenomenon, Douty added.

Areas that could be at risk of the fallout later this week include Bermuda and the Azores, a chain of islands west of Portugal. However, if the storm is strong enough, it is possible that rough waves will make it all the way to Florida’s Atlantic coast.

Storm season

The Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1 and ends on November 30. It is at this time that the weather conditions are most conducive to the formation of violent phenomena. In their annual summaries, meteorologists do not exclude storms that form in the off-season. However, they are not so frequent and do not appear every year.

The last named storm to appear in December formed in 2007. On December 10, tropical storm Olga formed near the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. For the next few days, all the islands struggled with gusty winds and heavy rainfall. Also in 2013, a subtropical storm formed in the Atlantic, bringing strong winds and rainfall to the inhabitants of the Azores. However, she was not named.

There have also been a few pre-season thunderstorms in recent years. The 2022 season was the first since 2014 in which no named phenomenon occurred before June 1.

Main photo source: NASA Earth Observatory

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