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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The latest party poll – November 2021. Five parties in the Sejm, 6 percentage points difference between PiS and KO

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Law and Justice may count on 30 percent of the vote in the elections, and the Civic Coalition on 24 percent – according to a poll conducted by Kantar for “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Szymon Hołownia’s Poland 2050 would also be on the podium, for which 14 percent of respondents want to vote.

The Kantar survey for “Wyborcza” was conducted on November 16-18 this year on a representative nationwide group of 1002 adult Poles using the CATI method.

Most of the respondents mentioned Law and Justice. They would vote for this party 30 percent asked. The Civic Coalition with the result was second 24 percent, on the third Poland 2050 by Szymon Hołownia – 14 percent.

9 percent respondents pointed to the Confederation, 8 percent to the Left, a 4 percent for the Poland-PSL Coalition. Kukiz’15 supported 2 percent asked in the survey. 0 percent chose the Agreement of Jarosław Gowin.

According to the poll for “Wyborcza” 2 percent of the respondents replied: “one of the opposition parties, I don’t know which one yet”. The same number of people declared their support for “other” groups.

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6 percent of the respondents do not know who would vote in the election.

Survey resultsTVN24

Civic Coalition together with Poland 2050?

Kantar also asked the respondents who they would vote for if the coalitions of KO and Poland 2050 as well as PSL and Agreements were formed on the election lists.

In such an arrangement, 2050 would vote for the Civic Coalition and Poland list 39 percent respondents. Law and Justice could count on 28 percent votes. Confederation indicated 11 percent of those asked, the Left – 7 percent, PSL and Understanding – 4 percent.

The answer “I don’t know / hard to say” was chosen by 8 percent of the respondents. 2 percent refused to answer.


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