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The laughing gas question in Millionaires. Neither the audience nor the friend knew the answer

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What was given to the treated laughing gas: helium, nitrous oxide, nitrogen or carbon dioxide? This question in “Millionaires” was answered by Mr. Marcin Kożuszek from Wrocław.

The player started the game in the previous episode where he answered three questions, after which the program ran out. He then used one lifebuoy – half and half. He still had a phone call to a friend and a question to the audience.

Correct answer to the question below guaranteed Mr. Marcin a prize of PLN 40,000.

What was given to the treated laughing gas?

A: helium B: nitrous oxide C: nitrogen D: carbon dioxide.

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The participant did not know the answer to the above question, but still had two lifebuoys to use. Mr. Marcin decided to ask the audience for help. Forty-nine percent in the audience indicated A for helium, 24 percent for C for nitrogen, 20 percent for B for nitrous oxide and the remaining seven percent for D for carbon dioxide. Despite a significant indication of the answer A: “helium”, Mr. Marcin decided to make sure and call his friend. “The first answer that comes to mind is helium,” said a friend of the participant.

Laughing gas is a chemical compound that is part of the anesthesia used by anesthesiologists. It is so called because it has euphoric properties. This compound is nitrous oxide, or nitrous oxide. So the correct answer is B.

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