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The Left Convention on Housing. A new ministry, 300,000 flats, subsidies for local governments

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It’s time to change our thinking about housing and construction – said MP Magdalena Biejat at the convention of the Left. She announced that her party has a plan to create a new housing ministry, which would lead, among other things, to the construction of 300,000 council flats.

On Sunday, the Left at the “Niska inflation – fair economy” presented its economic plan. Leaders of the formation presented subsequent elements of the program. MP Magda Biejat spoke about housing. – Today we are dealing with a serious economic crisis. But this time is an opportunity to put the Polish economy on a new track – she said.

– Today, when high prices destroy the household budgets of Polish families, the Left is clear: the fight against inflation cannot consist in lowering the quality of life of ordinary Polish women and men, but in stimulating demand and investing – said Biejat.

As she said, “Poland should be a country where the state is an investor stimulating the development of the economy.” – And the flywheel of this economy should be housing – stressed the MP.

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– The problem of housing shortage cannot be solved with one act or a dedicated programme. Our opposition partners presented a project with 0% credit. Sounds great. Everyone would like to have a free loan and not have to pay the bank in installments twice as much as the flat cost. The problem is that there won’t be more housing from such a program. On the other hand, there will be more profits for banks and developers, who will take advantage of the increased demand and increase margins. The circle closes, she said.

– It’s time to change our thinking about housing and construction. It’s time to invest in a large social housing program – said Biejat.

A new ministry, 300,000 flats, subsidies for local governments

She announced a “very detailed and precise plan for the development of housing construction”. – First, let’s start with the head. First, we will create a ministry of housing. Today in Poland, no one is responsible for this strategic sector for the economy, she pointed out.

– Another issue is huge money, because without it no government will start building housing. We will prepare the largest social housing program in Poland and we will implement it in close cooperation with local governments. On the principle of the state pays – local governments build apartments for rent – she explained.

As she said, “today, the state spends just over PLN 1.5 billion on building apartments.” – We will allocate at least PLN 10 billion for them in the first year, and this is only the beginning, because we will increase this sum. During the entire term of office, we will build 300,000 new apartments. It is an ambitious but realistic goal.

The last thing – added Biejat – “is reaching for housing resources that already exist.” – Housing estates will have to be built for several years, and today people need housing immediately. The resources of the state and local governments include a huge number of premises that stand empty because they are not suitable for living. We want to launch this resource as soon as possible. How we do it? Local governments will receive a non-returnable, 100% subsidy from an agency that will be subordinated to the ministry. In order to have money to renovate these apartments, she said.

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