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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The left wing wants to punish Andrzej Rozenek. The deputy comments

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Left MPs sign a motion to punish Andrzej Rozenek for his critical statements in the media, the Polish Press Agency reported. Possible penalties include being kicked out of the club. Rozenek said that “telling the truth should not be punished.”

As PAP found out from several independent sources in the Lewica club, the signatures for the letter to the presidium have been collected since Monday. MPs who subscribe to him accuse Rozenek that his public statements damage the image of the party. They request to punish the MP under article 5 of the club’s regulations, which says, among other things, a reprimand, suspension and expulsion from the club.

The cup of bitterness, according to the PAP interlocutors, was to be spilled by the Monday conversation with Rozenek in TOK FM, where he talked about, inter alia, “secret negotiations” with PiS regarding the ratification of the reconstruction fund. – As of today, the alliance with the PiS of the New Left seems completely irrational, but the secret negotiations we are talking about have given rise to such deliberations. Are they real or not? I do not know, but as a member of the New Left, I am not 100% sure that we will never join a government with PiS in the future – he said.

MEPs associated with Robert Biedroń’s Spring, the former Democratic Left Alliance and the Left Together were indignant at these suggestions by Rozenek, bearing in mind, among other things, the PiS’s approach to the LGBT community, education and refugees.


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Rozenek: there should be no punishment for telling the truth

Rozenek said that “telling the truth should not be punished, no matter how painful or terrible the truth may be.” – Secondly, it seems to me that more or less a month ago we have seen a clear change in the course of the Left, which previously was not as firm towards PiS as it is at the moment. If this is to be an expression of my criticism, I am therefore very happy that the leadership of the Left has been mastered, and the Left has changed the course – I hope permanently – to the anti-PiS course, and not to the cooperation course with the PiS regime – said the politician.

When asked if he was concerned that he might be thrown out of the club, he replied that “the most important thing is to serve your voters.” – My voters, who are in touch with me all the time, emphasize that they do not agree for the Left to cooperate with Law and Justice – he added.

Andrzej RozenekTVN24

Włodzimierz Czarzasty did not admit Rozenek to the SLD faction

Earlier, Rozenek, by the decision of Czarzasty, who is the chairman of the SLD faction under the New Left, was not admitted to the faction, which puts his presence in the party in question, because according to the statute, membership ceases if he is not admitted to any of the factions.

In the justification of this decision, the chairman wrote, inter alia: “Colleague Andrzej Rozenek, acting as a member of the New Left, in July 2021 made a number of public statements, in which he accused the coordinator of the” Democratic Left Alliance “faction and the current leadership of the New Left of the will to cooperate with the Law and Justice, taking clandestine actions with the ruling party and reluctance to cooperate with other opposition parties “and provided a number of quotes.

The peer court upheld Czarzasty’s decision

On Tuesday, the Secretary General of the New Left, Marcin Kulasek, announced, the decision of the head of the SLD faction was upheld by three judges of the peer court.

Rozenek, when asked what he plans to do in the face of upholding chairman Czarzasty’s decision not to join the SLD faction in the New Left, replied that he was waiting for written decisions, he would consult lawyers and see what could be done in this case. – I still think that it is very unfair that the chairman alone can eliminate potential opponents from the party for the chairmanship – Rozenek added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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