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The little stork was three times smaller than its siblings and had no chance of survival. Now Wojtek is growing like a weed

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He was pressed by his siblings, who were three times heavier than him, he could barely breathe and he didn't react to anything. We are talking about a little stork, Wojtek, who was taken from the nest and is now being fed by a community activist from Żychlin near Kutno (Łódź Voivodeship). When the bird grows up, it will probably be taken care of by its parents again.

“Our Lynxes once again had five offspring. We carefully observed how the next chicks were hatching. We were constantly observing during feeding, whether the last, weakest chick would survive the first days, whether it would have enough strength to get to the nest among its older siblings. food, which is so scarce due to the current drought. After many consultations, we decided to take the youngest stork from the nest – wrote the “Pomagam Bocianom” Association from the Apiary near Żychlin on social media.

Wojtek the stork was savedFacebook

For several years, at the White and Black Stork Rehabilitation Center operating near Kutno, thanks to the camera mounted next to the nest, you can watch a pair of storks – Rysia and Ryś. This year, the storks had numerous offspring – as many as five babies were born.

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Wojtek the stork is now eating on his own and gaining strength“I Help Storks” Association

They saved a little stork

– Five little storks hatched this year. We immediately took into account that the fifth chick was the weakest and we carefully monitored what was happening in the nest. The difference between the siblings was huge, the last 24 hours showed us that the amount of food that adult storks brought to the nest was negligible and was not enough to feed all five of them – describes Artur Paul from the “Pomagam Bocianom” Association. There was a risk that parents would want to throw the weakest “baby” out of the nest, and in the world of storks this happens often. The main reason is drought and therefore a small amount of food available. – We decided to remove this smallest stork from the nest. With the help of a friend who has a lift, we drove up to the nest and took out the stork. These were his last moments in the nest, because he was pressed by his siblings, who already weighed three times as much as he did. His condition could be said to be agonizing – he was only breathing, he didn't even react when I took him in my hand – adds the social activist.

Wojtek had no chance of survival. He was saved by a social activist“I Help Storks” Association

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Wojtek is growing like a weed

Artur Paul informs that the little stork is recovering, taking food and growing like a weed. – Wojtek – that's what we called him – runs elegantly, he eats on his own, you don't need to feed him. As with every young bird, it will be with him – he will be ringed, released and will fly to warm countries with other birds – comments Paul.

Wojtek had no chance of survival. He was saved by a social activist“I Help Storks” Association

When asked if he will get used to humans, he argues that he will want to do everything so that the bird retains its natural instincts. – From some point we will familiarize him with other individuals. We are also considering returning him to the nest with his parents. He will easily acquire this instinct around them and will not want to stay with us – sums up the founder of the first white and black stork rehabilitation center in the Łódź Voivodeship.

Main photo source: “I Help Storks” Association

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