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The longest bus journey in the world. Poland on the road

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From Istanbul to London in two months – this offer is described as “the longest bus journey in the world”. According to CNN, the journey lasts exactly 56 days, passes through 22 countries and is available for 30 passengers. The cost is slightly over PLN 100,000.

If someone likes to travel by bus, maybe they will be tempted by the offer of a trip prepared by Adventures Overland, which lasts 56 days. It will start in the capital Turkey, and the route goes through the Balkans, Eastern Europe (including Poland), Scandinavia, then Western Europe and ends in London. The bus is scheduled to leave Istanbul on August 7 and arrive on October 1.

According to CNN, the highlights of the trip include a ferry crossing through the Gulf of Finland, a visit to the North Cape (Nordkapp) – the northernmost point of continental Europe and a cruise along the Norwegian fjords. The total journey is 12,000 kilometers.

Travel conditions

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The price of USD 24,300 (slightly over PLN 100,000) includes a daily breakfast, 30 lunches and dinners, as well as all hotel stays.

The tour company describes the bus on which the trip is to be made as “a special luxury vehicle designed for comfortable long-distance travel”. The seats are to be adjustable “with plenty of leg room” and passengers will have access to AUX and USB ports, a fold-down tray and bottle and cup holders. Each passenger can take two “full-size suitcases”.

London bus travel map bustolondon.in

Transport records

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the current world’s longest bus route is 6,200 kilometers and connects Peruvian Lima with Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Last year another transport record was broken by the Swiss. The longest passenger train it measured over 1.9 kilometers and consisted of 100 cars, which were looked after by 7 train drivers and 21 technicians. The historic ride was organized by the Swiss Rhaetian Railway. The train traveled from Preda to Bergun. He drove through 48 viaducts and 22 tunnels in the Alps, covering a total of 25 kilometers.

Until now, the train The Ghana plying in Australia, between the cities of Darwin and Adelaide. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it was 774 meters long.

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