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The man of Mariusz Kamiński and the great smuggling – TVN Supervisor report. Grzegorz P. got a tip that he is being investigated by the services?

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According to the findings of the journalists of “Supervisor”, the former director of the CBA – Grzegorz P. – was warned that he was being investigated by the CBA and the Internal Security Agency. As a result of the leak, an investigation concerning, inter alia, organizing cigarette smuggling with the use of PKP Cargo wagons, was burned. Although there are recordings of the deliberations and planning of the crime in the services, there is no investigation into this case to date.

At the beginning of October journalists from “Supervisor” TVN revealed the recordings of the meetingwhere Grzegorz P., former director of the Operational and Investigative Board of the Central Anticorruption Bureau, planned to smuggle huge amounts of cigarettes from Vietnam to Poland. The meeting took place in June 2018 in Dubai, and there were four people sitting at the table. On the one hand, Grzegorz P. and his colleague Marcin K., also a former CBA officer, and on the other, Igor T. – a fuel baron, wanted by the Polish prosecutor’s office by an international arrest warrant, and Michał B., a cigarette smuggler associated with the group of hooligans of Ruch Chorzów.


Journalists of “Supervisor” managed to confirm in two independent sources that when Grzegorz P. and Marcin K. flew to Dubai, they were both under the observation of secret services. First, the Internal Security Agency, and then the CBA. Here’s how it went.

Working out the director

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In the second half of 2017, the services received information that Grzegorz P. was looking for contact with the wanted arrest warrant, Igor T. At that time, he was still the safety director at PKP Cargo and a member of the Supervisory Board of PKP Cargo Connect. The case was handled by the CBA, which decided to start operational activities. Problems arose almost immediately. First of all, Grzegorz P. knew the CBA’s operational officers too well. – He could accidentally recognize the people following him, because they used to work in the Operational and Investigative Board subordinate to him. There was a fear of exposure, explains the source of journalists from “Supervisor”.

Another problem concerned Marcin K., the second former CBA officer who flew to Dubai for interviews. The man during the service worked in department IV of the CBA, which dealt with special operations and the work of the so-called undercover agents. – Marcin was good at what he did. He was a good “cover man”, intelligent – says the informant. Moreover, Marcin K. was privately associated with Elżbieta D., who was an active CBA officer.

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Ela has been working in the company for a long time, since the time when the famous agent Tomek was the star there (I mean Tomasz Kaczmarek, called “agent Tom”, who investigated, among others, MP Beata Sawicka, Weronika Marczuk and the case of “Kwaśniewski villas” – ed. ). She knew a lot, a lot of information passed through her desk, which she shared with her boyfriend. Probably unknowingly, it wasn’t deliberately extracting information. But if you add to this events with people from the Bureau, where they were together, it turned out that Marcin K. knew a lot about what was going on in his former company – the source of journalists noted.

In order to minimize the risk, officers of the Internal Security Agency from the Katowice branch office took care of the observation of Grzegorz P. and Marcin K.. The surveillance was so advanced that the Internal Security Agency knew when Grzegorz P. was in Dubai and with whom. According to journalists, the secret services of the United Arab Emirates were asked for help in providing information on the stay of the Pole abroad and his meetings with Igor T.

Supervisor. Interview in the studio on the reportage “Kaminski’s Man and the Great Smuggling”TVN24

Leak on return

In the case of Grzegorz P., the investigation was conducted by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, and operational activities were conducted by the officers of the ABW in Katowice. Importantly, the surveillance case was supervised by Andrzej Stróżny, head of the ABW branch office in Katowice.

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According to the findings of the journalists of the “Supervisor”, in the second half of 2018 the services knew not only who Grzegorz P. was meeting with, but also – which is likely – they knew the content of the conversations and had recordings of the meeting. It was known that during several meetings not only the cigarette smuggling was discussed, but also about getting Igor T. ironclad. This is a document that was to guarantee the wanted Latvian that if he decided to return to Poland, he would not be arrested.

This, it would seem, is enough information not only to open an investigation into cigarette smuggling, but also to cite influence and alleged corruption. And not only towards Grzegorz P., but also towards Marcin K., let us recall: the exagent of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau.

However, this did not happen. Why? – I do not know how, but Grzegorz P. found out that we were following him – the officer who was directly involved in the activities in this case tells journalists. – Apparently, as soon as he realized that he was under surveillance, he sent a text message to the head of the Bureau himself (Ernest Bejda – ed.) With a row. “Why are you wagging after me?” – wrote P. – Ernest got pissed then and turned off the whole thing for the sake of clarity. He decided that since there are suspicions towards P., he does not want to have anything to do with such people – adds the informant.

The whole conversation with Jakub Stachowiak

The whole conversation with Jakub StachowiakTVN24

A moment later, the CBA ceased all activities. – It lasted about three months in total. And the case just died, no one knows how or why. We had very good initial materials in the form of recordings and that was all that was left of it, no investigation, no charges, says the interlocutor of “Supervisor” reporters.

Stróżny left the Internal Security Agency two years later and became the head of the CBA.

Who is Grzegorz P.?

Before joining the CBA, Grzegorz P. was a policeman for years. He headed the headquarters in Serock, Pruszków and the police station at the Central Railway Station in Warsaw. And from there he went straight to the prime minister’s office as an advisor to Mariusz Kamiński, and a moment later became the director of the operational and investigative board at the Central Anticorruption Bureau.

– Grzesiek has such knowledge about what was happening in the CBA under Kamiński that he is practically untouchable. Operations: Kwaśniewscy, Pazurowa, Sawicka, it was all in his department and under his supervision. As if he started talking, Toby Kamiński was warm – the man who had been watching Grzegorz P.’s activity in the CBA for a long time told journalists of “Supervisor”.

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As he added, “Grzegorz P. did not fit the investigative work at all”. – He wore red shoes made of crocodile leather, drove up to Ujazdowskie with a smart, and in his arms he carried a couch dog. He loved the money. He had a laptop with the Ferrari logo on his desk. He was reportedly bought this computer by one of his praetorians with money from a special operational fund, he reported.

Reportage "Supervisor" "Kaminski's man and the great smuggling".  The whole conversation with the co-author of the material, Łukasz Frątczak

Report from “Supervisor” “Kaminski’s Man and the Great Smuggling”. The whole conversation with the co-author of the material, Łukasz FrątczakTVN24

In 2009, Grzegorz P. left the service together with the dismissed head of the entire Bureau, Mariusz Kamiński. Then his troubles began: in 2011, he was convicted of revealing a secret from the investigation – he was to warn a friend that he was meeting a man who was being investigated by the CBA.

In March 2015, Grzegorz P. heard another sentence – together with Mariusz Kamiński and the deputy head of the CBA, Maciej Wąsik, he was convicted of irregularities in the investigation of the so-called the land scandal. However, before the sentence became final, PiS returned to power, and all those sentenced were pardoned by President Andrzej Duda. Everyone also returned to state jobs.

At PKP Cargo, Grzegorz P. became the head of the security department and a member of the Supervisory Board of PKP Cargo Connect.

At PKP Cargo, Grzegorz P. became the head of the security department and a member of the Supervisory Board of PKP Cargo ConnectTVN24

– It is obvious that these positions were given by Kamiński – Andrzej Stankiewicz, deputy editor-in-chief of Onet, told journalists of “Supervisor”. – The positions of people for security in companies of the State Treasury are positions either directly given by Kamiński, or they are people who have been accepted by him – he added.

Author:Łukasz Frątczak, Jakub Stachowiak

Main photo source: TVN supervisor

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