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The march of nationalists passed through Warsaw. Zbigniew Janas comments

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The march of the nationalists passed through Warsaw on Thursday, this time the authorities gave it a state character. – The rulers say that we should be happy, because they did not choke anyone with a chain, people did not pay with their health and life – commented Zbigniew Janas, an oppositionist from the communist era in “One for One”. In his opinion, the “problem” is when the nationalist views presented on the march “are protected by the state.”

On Thursday, on the occasion of Independence Day a march of nationalists passed through Warsawwhich this year was made state-owned by the authorities.

The police assessed that the demonstration “was one of the safest that had been held for years”. There were, however, incidents. During Among other things, the banner with the portrait of Donald Tusk and the German flag were burned. Participants carried nationalist symbols, including Celtic crosses or ONR phalanxes, and raised anti-EU and discriminatory shouts.


The march of nationalists passed through WarsawPaweł Supernak / PAP

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Janas: The problem begins when such views are under the cover of the state

Zbigniew Janas, an opposition activist from the times of the Polish People’s Republic, talked about the incidents on the march on Friday in “One for One” on TVN24.

– It’s nothing new, you’ve seen it before. The rulers say that we should be happy, because they have not choked anyone with a chain, they have not burned anyone, people have not paid with their health and life. How lucky we have been, he ironized.

He stressed that he himself “fought for freedom for 11 years” and after such experience “every thing in a democracy, even those that you don’t like, is happy”. – These people, as long as it is not a banned movement, have the right to go out, demonstrate their thinking about Poland, their views. The problem begins when such views are protected by the state, assessed Janas.

– The authorities nationalized these celebrations, but of course the politicians who led to it fled and hid in the corners – emphasized the TVN24 guest.

“A line has been crossed that I would never have thought could be exceeded”

According to Janas, the rulers “know that a lot of evil appears there, so they did not want to do it so directly”. – Who did it? Mr [Jan Józef – przyp. red.] Kasprzyk, head of the office for veterans. For us it was disgusting that this man let himself in – added the opposition.

– It’s a shame. It is something disgusting when a man who is to help people who fought for a free Poland suddenly goes against the background of people who are against the values ​​that we presented, for which we fought – he said.

He emphasized that “he always tries to understand people, including those who have different views”. – Because I did not fight for my views to be presented. I fought for others to also be able to present theirs. But there are limits. A limit was exceeded that I would not even have thought could be exceeded – he emphasized.

Zbigniew JanasTVN24

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak / PAP

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