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The Masovian police published an arrest warrant for Tomasz Szmydt,

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The Masovian police have published an arrest warrant for the former judge of the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw, Tomasz Szmydt, who is suspected of espionage. In May, Szmydt began to appear in the Belarusian and Russian media, where he repeated the theses of the local propaganda.

On Wednesday, the Warsaw district court accepted the prosecutor's request and issued a decision to temporarily arrest Tomasz Szmydt for three months “due to the fact that the suspect was hiding, fear of procedural fraud and accusing the suspect of committing the crime of espionage.”

The National Prosecutor's Office previously announced work on preparing an application for a European arrest warrant. The Polish authorities do not have the ability to carry out their own activities in Belarus, but they can use instruments such as international searches, the effectiveness of which – the prosecutor's office noted – depends “on certain regulations and good will on the Belarusian side”. An extradition request is possible.

Where to report information about a wanted person?

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All persons who have any information that may contribute to the arrest of the wanted person are asked to contact the Search and Identification Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom – tel. 47 701 46 50with the KWP officer on duty at no 47 701 46 44 or the nearest police station, emergency telephone number 112. The wanted poster with a black and white en face photo contains Szmydt's last place of residence in Warsaw at ul. Stawki, his last place of permanent residence in Grójec (Masovian Voivodeship).

Szmydt, 55, is charged with espionage. Pursuant to Art. 130 pairs 1, whoever takes part in the activities of a foreign intelligence service or acts on its behalf against the Republic of Poland, shall be subject to the penalty of imprisonment for a period of not less than five years. Art. 130 of the Penal Code par. 5 states that if this act is committed by a public official, the penalty ranges from eight years to life imprisonment.

An arrest warrant for Tomasz Szmydt Masovian Police

Last week, the National Prosecutor's Office announced that the Masovian National Prosecutor's Office for organized crime began ex officio investigations in connection with information about the judge's submission of an application for political asylum in Belarus. Later, information was provided that the PK had initiated an investigation into this matter. The secret services are also investigating the case.

He is no longer a judge

Last Thursday, the Disciplinary Court at the Supreme Administrative Court lifted the judge's immunityauthorized his detention and arrest and suspended him from his duties.

The President of the Supreme Administrative Court accepted Szmydt's public declaration of resigning from the office of judge with immediate effect. The spokesman for the Supreme Administrative Court, Judge Sylwester Marciniak, emphasized at that time that Tomasz Szmydt was no longer a judge.

Last Friday, the National Prosecutor's Office issued a decision to bring charges against the former judge.

According to the prosecutor's office, the suspect's public statements, authenticated by reference to the status of a Polish judge, were used by the Belarusian and Russian authorities for propaganda purposes, accusing Poland of an independent policy aimed at destabilizing Belarus and Ukraine. Hence the adopted classification of the act.

Separate activities are being conducted in the Supreme Administrative Court, which initiated disciplinary proceedings against Szmydt. It concerns betraying the oath to faithfully serve the Republic of Poland. The proceedings were initiated when Szmydt was a judge, so they may still be ongoing.

Tomasz SzmydtWojciech Olkusnik/EastNews

He appeared at a propaganda conference in Belarus

The case became public when, formally on leave from April 22 to May 10, the judge of the 2nd Provincial Department of the Administrative Court in Warsaw appeared on May 6 at a propaganda press conference in Minsk, Belarus. The state-owned Belarusian news agency BelTA reported that he had asked the Belarusian authorities for “care and protection.” The judge announced that he was resigning from his current position at the Provincial Administrative Court “with immediate effect.” He also posted a statement on this matter on social media.

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Then he began to appear in the Belarusian and Russian media, where he repeated the theses of the local propaganda. He gave, among others: an interview in the program of Vladimir Soloviev, called the main face of Kremlin propaganda, who in his earlier programs called the crimes in Bucha, Kramatorsk and Mariupol “stagings” prepared by Ukraine. The former judge's profiles on social media are also active, with numerous entries.

The Polish prosecutor's office found that Szmydt, by participating in these government programs of the Belarusian and Russian media, acted to the detriment of the Republic of Poland and took part in a “hybrid war” against Poland.

Main photo source: Masovian Police

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