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The Masurian Loop and the Great Lakes Trail – Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk confirmed his desire to create a loop for sailors

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Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk confirmed his willingness to build a new canal system in Masuria so that sailors could sail around the Great Lakes Trail. “I hope the sailors will have this opportunity in a few years,” he said.

The Minister of Infrastructure, Andrzej Adamczyk, confirmed in the Saturday broadcast of Radio Olsztyn “Morning Questions” that he wanted to build the Masurian Loop.

– We are preparing for this – he said and added that he hoped that in a few years the sailors will be able to circumnavigate the Great Masurian Lakes Trail not from north to south (or vice versa), but around. In the opinion of Adamczyk, this would increase the attractiveness of Masurian lakes.


The Masurian Loop around the Trail of the Great Masurian Lakes

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The idea of ​​creating a loop is not new. It has appeared in the discussion of sailing circles for many years. A few years ago, Masurian local governments even developed plans for such an investment, but there was not enough money to implement them. Recently, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marek Gróbarczyk has recently come back to the idea, and during his visit to Masuria, he announced that he hopes that the loop will be built in seven years. At that time, he made a reservation that the biggest obstacle to the implementation of such an investment may be environmental issues.

The Great Masurian Lakes Trail leads from the north from Węgorzewo to the south to Pisz. The main trail is just over 110 km long. Some lakes are connected by canals. If, however, the lakes Niałk Duży, Niałk Mały, Wojnowo, Buwełno and Tyrkło were to be connected through the canal, then it would be possible to follow the trail in a loop – lakes Śniardwy and Niegocin would then be connected on the eastern side.

Masurian Loop for sailorsPAP

The Masurian Loop concept

For now, the costs of connecting Masurian lakes into one loop cannot even be estimated, because in the past several concepts of connecting these lakes appeared – from digging a canal and building locks to building an underground tunnel through which boats would flow. The concept of the tunnel resulted from the fact that there is a hill of 60 meters between the lakes Tyrkło and Buwełno.

In the last two years, the number of people sailing on the Great Masurian Lakes has increased significantly. Supporters of connecting other lakes along the trail argue that creating a loop would relieve the congestion on the current trail and increase its attractiveness. Opponents of this investment have been pointing out for years that it will kill the wildness of Masuria and destroy the natural environment irretrievably.

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