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The mayor of Łeba was attacked because he drew attention to the hooligan behavior of the man

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The mayor of Łeba was attacked by a vandal. First verbally, then physically. He was hit and kicked several times. Only because he drew attention to the hooligan behavior of the man. The perpetrator fled after the attack, but monitoring and witnesses helped track him down. He’s a professional soldier.

The library in Łeba recorded scenes that resemble what we can see in gangster movies. It was supposed to be the opening of a painting exhibition, but unfortunately, it had nothing to do with culture. The mayor of Łeba, arriving at the party, was brutally attacked by one of the passers-by. All because the local government official pointed out to him not to pour the fire extinguisher on the windows, facades of buildings and animals on the pavement.

– I stopped and said “gentlemen, what are you doing”, right? The Lord turned around, so aggressive, and nice words flew at my address: “You so-and-so, don’t you want to earn your teeth” – says Andrzej Strzechmiński, the mayor of Łeba. The attacker tried to pull the mayor out of the car, punched him and kicked the car door. Then he ran away. Monitoring and signals from the inhabitants of Łeba made it possible to quickly identify the perpetrator. – Each of us can react and intervene in protecting the security of us, citizens – reminds Asp. staff. Magdalena Zielke from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Lębork.

Attacker apprehended

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The 23-year-old was charged with violating the mayor’s bodily integrity and damaging the car. He admitted to some of the charges and expressed remorse. He claimed that he was provoked by the mayor’s allegedly aggressive words. – It is worth reacting to every irregularity. That’s what law enforcement agencies are for, that’s what the police are for, that if something bad happens, they have to come and help – explains Patryk Wegner, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lębork.

The attacker is a professional soldier from the unit in Lębork. The fate of his further service in the army will be decided by the commanders after a possible conviction. On the other hand, the attacker, who is still feeling the effects of the attack, does not regret that he behaved more like a sheriff than a mayor. – If such a rumor spreads that Łeba is dangerous, that something is happening, very negative phenomena, then people will stop coming – believes Andrzej Strzechmiński. The perpetrators of the attack on the mayor face two years in prison. He is under police surveillance, banned from leaving the country, and cannot get close to his victim.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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