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The medical government is fighting against prescriptions issued online. “The caliber of the offense was assessed as serious”

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It is true that there was a problem with doctors issuing hundreds of thousands of prescriptions every year, but the medical self-government is able to fight it. However, the actions of the former Minister of Health in this matter led to the belief of over 60 percent of surveyed Poles that personal data in state registers are not properly protected.

Two doctors from central Poland will no longer earn money by writing prescriptions. And they earned a lot. – On a monthly basis, these are definitely six-digit amounts, that is, with five zeros. I cannot give the exact amount, but this is approximately what we know that these salaries could have been – says Piotr Pawliszak, president of the District Medical Council in Warsaw. They earned a lot because they also wrote a lot of prescriptions. One in 2022 300,000, and the other slightly less. For this, the medical court suspended the right to practice his profession for a year, while the second one had it limited. This is not yet a punishment or sentence, but a preventive measure of the maximum extent. – Continuing to practice the profession risks either repeating professional misconduct or endangering patient safety. Therefore, this offense was assessed as serious – adds Piotr Pawliszak.

There are currently several such cases pending before medical courts. In this way, the medical council very effectively solves the problem of selling prescriptions on the Internet. And the problem was really big. Until recently, without a medical consultation, anyone could buy a prescription for whatever they wanted online. For example, for a drug.

Not long ago, Health Minister Adam Niedzielski wanted to solve the problem, but in a disastrous way. First he insulted the doctors. – The medical community itself is unable to get rid of black sheep from its ranks – said Adam Niedzielski, then Minister of Health, in June.

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Then the minister introduced daily limits on issuing prescriptions, and from August he limited the ability to prescribe painkillers and opioids. He did not listen to the good advice of the Supreme Medical Council. – The market of so-called prescription machines requires regulation, but it should be done in a completely different way than proposed by the Ministry of Health – emphasized Łukasz Jankowski, president of the Supreme Medical Council, in July.

Echoes of the prescription scandalTVN24

Unintended effect

Adam Niedzielski achieved a quick result with his drastic actions, but not what he wanted. And by publishing the data of Dr. Piotr Pisula from Poznań, he also contributed to revealing that the data of all patients is very poorly protected on the praca.gov.pl website.. – Without consulting the community, which was immediately noticeable, problems with issuing prescriptions, problems with fulfillment, problems for patients and doctors. What was it all for? I don’t think anyone knows for sure. However, we know what caused it. One big chaos and lack of understanding – says Michał Bulsa, president of the District Medical Council in Szczecin.

The minister was dismissed, but the effects of the chaos caused will remain with us. A study commissioned by “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” and RMF FM shows that over 60 percent of Poles currently do not trust that the state is able to effectively protect our data on its websites.

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