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The Milky River, but the water is green. It is not known what the cause is. Samples were taken

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The water in the Mleczna River in Katowice (Silesian Voivodeship) turned green. Firefighters were called to the scene, who initially determined that the situation was not dangerous. Samples were taken for testing. We got information and a photo on Kontakt24.

We received information about the change in the color of the water in the river Contact24 from Miss Agnes. As she reported, she noticed a disturbingly green shade of water on Friday near the Historical Bridge in Katowice.

– I live in Katowice, but I saw something like this for the first time. This had never happened before, it was a surprise. I was driving my car and stopped to take a picture. I didn’t detect any smell. The fire department was on site, she said.

Green water in the Milky River. Samples were taken

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We asked Capt. Rafał Gruszka, press officer of the Katowice fire brigade. He confirmed that the chemical rescue team was sent to the site.

– A team has been dispatched to determine if there is a threat due to the visible green color on the water. Our research did not show any threat, while representatives of VIEP and Katowice waterworks were present on the spot, the spokesman said.

The water turned greenContact24

He added that water samples were taken. However, you have to wait for the results.

– The head of the rescue operation told me that it could be a substance used to check the tightness of various types of wires and pipes – added Cpt. Pear.

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