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The Millionaires question about the skin color of a polar bear

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What color is the skin of a polar bear: white, yellow, grayish or black? This question was answered by Mr. Jakub Nawrot from Grabów on the Prosna River.

In the Tuesday episode, Mr. Jakub Nawrot, who works as an assistant referee, started his game. He managed to answer seven questions correctly, using two lifebuoys – a question to the audience and a half and a half.

Mr. Jakub heard a question worth PLN 75,000 about polar bears.

What color is the skin of a polar bear?

A: white B: yellow C: grayish D: black.

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The polar bear is a species inhabiting the Arctic. Its coat is white or cream colored, and turns yellow with age. In contrast, the skin of these animals is black, thanks to which it absorbs the sun’s rays, which heat the body.

Thus, the correct answer to the above question is D.

Main photo source: TVN millionaires

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