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The Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, claims that he invited the chairman of the Alliance of Residents for interviews

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Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said on Friday in the program “Check” on TVN24 that he had invited the chairman of the Resident Alliance for talks. Wojciech Szaraniec, who has held this position since the end of August, announced on Twitter that he had not received any invitation.

For several weeks, paramedics in various parts of Poland have been protesting against low wages and poor working conditions. Some of them go on sick leave, others submit their termination notice in protest.

Other health workers are also announcing protests. On September 11, a great demonstration of medical professionals is to take place in Warsaw, organized by the Alliance of Residents.


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On Friday evening Minister Adam Niedzielski was the guest of the “Check” program on TVN24. The head of the Ministry of Health declared that he was open to talks. – I have invited the chairman of the Alliance of Residents to my place. Unfortunately, he refused. Recently, those who shout the loudest about various postulates refuse to participate in any civilized forums where discussion can be conducted – said Niedzielski. He noted that the invitation to the discussion for resident doctors “is always open”.

Wojciech Szaraniec, the new chairman of the Alliance of Residents, commented on the minister’s words on Friday evening. “Unfortunately I didn’t get any invitations,” he wrote on Twitter.

The change in the management board of the Residents Agreement took place at the end of August. Wojciech Szaraniec replaced Piotr Pisul, who held this position for nearly two years.

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