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The Minister of Health announces additional money for hospitals. However, this will not cover debt or arrears

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Every penny to support health care will be useful, especially the PLN 16 billion promised by Minister Niedzielski, but even this amount is only a drop in the sea of ​​hospital debts and arrears. Hence the opposition’s questions about the moment of the promise, the actual motivation, and whether the upcoming election is the answer to both of these issues.

For the hospital in Milicz in Lower Silesia, the money promised by the Minister of Health on Monday is a large drip. However, the debts are so gigantic that with or without money from the minister, the maternity ward will have to be closed anyway. – Actions are taken to limit this spiral of debt. In practice, this means that the department (gynecology and obstetrics, – editor’s note) will be closed if approved by the council – informs Sławomir Strzelecki, the starost of Milicz.

Minister Adam Niedzielski and the president of the National Health Fund, Filip Nowak, announced gigantic support for hospitals in the Kozienice hospital on Monday. It is to be almost PLN 16 billion per year. – Powerful money. They account for nearly 17 percent of the budget that we spend entirely on health, said the Minister of Health.

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The money will go, among other things, for salaries, because at the beginning of July the government granted raises to healthcare workers, but hospitals would not have the money to pay them, as well as for the costs of inflation. An additional 700 million will go to internal medicine, surgery and maternity wards in county hospitals.

Extra money for hospitalsFacts after noon TVN24

– We appreciate these core troops. Those departments that are most needed by the inhabitants of the poviats, such as the Kozienice poviat, i.e. surgery, interia and obstetrics – assured the president of the National Health Fund.

The debt of hospitals alone last year was higher than this year’s allowance, as it exceeded PLN 19 billion. The Minister of Health could not answer the question about this year’s debt of hospitals. – In the first quarters of the year we always have an increase in general debt, then it decreases. We do not see any drastic change here – said Niedzielski, adding that he did not remember whether this number was at the same level as in the third quarter of last year.

Increases in health care

The opposition is thundering that the operation of the Ministry of Health is all just adding money before the elections. – This is good news, but it is not enough, because let me remind you that the debt of poviat hospitals is several billion, so if everything went only to poviat hospitals, it would not be enough to cover the debts – points out Robert Kropiwnicki, a member of the Civic Coalition.

– The Left demands a reform of the system, not adding new money, because new money is needed, but without the reform itself, it will certainly not help the patient – believes Krzysztof Gawkowski, MP of the Left.

The rulers refute the opposition’s allegations and ask for details of their proposals. – We are proposing specific laws – pointed out government spokesman Piotr Mueller.

We asked hospitals – the Warsaw Southern Hospital and the indebted hospital in Milicz – if there was enough money and for what. – According to our calculations, this will not cover the demand for increases in any way – says Artur Krawczyk, president of the Southern Hospital in Warsaw. – If there are no errors on the part of the accounting, it is enough for us to pay these increases – comments Sławomir Strzelecki, the starost of Milicz.

The money, as the Minister of Health assures, is to go not only to raises, but also to bills or meals for patients. However, this could be worse. The president of the southern hospital will close the year with a loss for the first time. The hospital will pay PLN 8 million for electricity alone. – First of all, we need contracts. We treat patients, we do not want anything for free, we want the ministry to pay us for the services provided, there are more and more patients – emphasizes Krawczyk

The increases in health care come into effect on July 1. On July 17, some hospitals still do not know whether they will have enough money to pay employees at the end of the month.

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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