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The Minister of Justice wants our country to recognize same-sex marriages concluded abroad

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Same-sex couples hope for change, because there is an important step in this direction. Although there is still no political consent to marriage equality, the Minister of Justice gives the green light to the recognition of foreign same-sex marriage certificates in Poland.

Sabina and Alicja are married. – I believe and want to believe that I can live in a society that is not afraid of diversity – says Sabina Złotorowicz.

More than a year ago, they decided not to wait any longer for marriage equality in Poland. They went to Copenhagen to get married there. In Denmark, as in many EU countries, their marriage has the same rights and obligations as different-sex marriages. However, the problem appeared in Poland. – In our country we cannot use these documents as legal – says Alicja Ryś.

Same-sex marriage, although fully legal in the European Union, in Poland must be recognized by the Civil Registry Office. What is needed is a so-called document transcription. However, offices en masse refuse to issue such decisions.

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In recent years, the prosecutor's office under Zbigniew Ziobro has been involved in every such proceeding, showing how much the state interferes even in the sphere of marriage. Now, under the new government, the prosecutor's office is withdrawing from this practice and will no longer prosecute people for trying to recognize their marriage as legal.

– The prosecutor's office got involved, joined these proceedings and always requested that such transcription requests not be accepted – says Karolina Gierdal, a lawyer from the Lambda Association. – This is a return to normality, when the prosecutor's office no longer persecutes same-sex couples, when the prosecutor's office does not make life difficult for same-sex couples – comments Krzysztof Śmiszek, who won a mandate to the European Parliament from the New Left.

There is currently no agreement on partnerships in the government coalitionMaciej Knapik/Fakty TVN

The ECtHR ordered Poland to regulate this issue

Minister Adam Bodnar goes even further, admitting that although “marriage norms are the competence of Member States”, their implementation “may not violate EU law”, and therefore it should result in “recognition of a person's marital status established abroad.” This means that Minister Bodnar wants Poland to recognize marriages concluded in the European Union as fully legal in Poland.

– Yes, I believe that marriages concluded outside our country should be recognized in Poland – comments Agnieszka Pomaska, an MP from the Civic Coalition. – They are Polish, they are Poles, they want to start their families here and they should simply have the right to do so – emphasizes Aleksandra Gajewska, deputy minister of family, labor and social policy from the Civic Coalition.

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There is no marriage equality in Poland, which is why same-sex couples often go abroad to fulfill their dream of getting married. In Poland, however, they remain strangers under the law. The European Court of Human Rights ordered Poland to regulate this issue, finding that our country is violating human rights in this respect.

Kotula after a meeting with PSL regarding the law on civil partnerships

Kotula after a meeting with PSL regarding the law on civil partnershipsTVN24

Millions of people are waiting for a political decision

The new government promised the LGBT community a law on punishing hate speech and civil partnerships. But where are the laws? The question is asked at the Equality Parade in Warsaw.

– If there were such announcements made by Donald Tusk, who is the Prime Minister, I think he should implement it – says one of the parade participants. – I always believe in a better tomorrow and I hope that one day I will wake up in a better Poland – another one echoes him.

For now, the Minister for Equality is fighting to support the law on civil partnerships, but some politicians from the Polish People's Party are against it. Millions of people are waiting for the political decision with great hopes.

Main photo source: PAP/Paweł Supernak

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