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The Ministry of Finance is a “big ministry”. But not only there has employment increased

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Almost PLN 64 million as prizes for 2022 were paid out at the Ministry of Finance. Deputy Finance Minister Artur Soboń explains that his ministry employs the most employees of all ministries. We checked how they were coming – and how in other resorts.

The matter of awards in the Ministry of Finance came to light thanks to the member of the Polska 2050 circle, Hanna Gill-Piątek, who sent interpellations to various ministries regarding awards for employees. In reply on January 20, as described by the portal Tvn24.pl, the Ministry of Finance informed that “employees and officers were paid the total amount of bonuses and awards in the gross amount in 2019 – PLN 62,185,760.56, in 2020 – PLN 3,541,476.19, in 2021 – PLN 50 PLN 693,757.62, in 2022 – PLN 63,690,798.89In turn, “employees in managerial positions were paid the total amount of bonuses in the gross amount in 2019 – a total of PLN 14,946,183.20, in 2020 – a total of PLN 270,136.00, in 2021 – a total of PLN 12,534,924.00 PLN, in 2022 – in total PLN 14,763,415.46“.

“Because he’s a record holder”

“Insolence is an understatement,” wrote MP Gill-Piątek on Twitter. Deputy Minister of Finance Artur Soboń was asked about the awards in the Ministry of Finance on TVN24. To the attention of Agata Adamek, the host of the “One to One” program, that “the Ministry of Finance is a record holder when it comes to awards granted for 2022”, Deputy Minister Soboń replied: “It is also a record holder when it comes to the number of employees, because it is close to three thousands of employees, not only of the Ministry of Finance, but also departments of the National Revenue Administration. And he explained that these awards “are proportionate to other ministries, but this is a large resort.”

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Indeed, for several years the Ministry of Finance has been a record holder in terms of employment – but other employees have also increased.

There are over a thousand officials in five ministries, and over two thousand in two

Data on employment in 16 current ministries and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister (KPRM) were taken from information from the Supreme Audit Office on the implementation of the state budget by individual ministries. In addition to the statement of budgetary revenues and expenditures, there are data on employment and remuneration of employees of ministries. We have added data on employment in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister to the list of ministries. Under the rule of the United Right, the Prime Minister’s office became a superministry, because, for example, since 2020, the structure of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister has been staffed by officials subordinated to the Minister of European Affairs and the Minister of Digital Affairs (formally Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki).

Employment in ministries in 2021 NIK

In 2021 (data from the budget execution audit in 2022 have not yet been published by the Supreme Audit Office), the average employment in the Ministry of Finance was 2723 people. On average, the Ministry of National Defense employed half a thousand fewer employees in that year – 2202 people. This is the second resort where the number of employees exceeded two thousand. The following were: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1552), the Chancellery of the Prime Minister (1146), the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy (1114). In the remaining ministries, employment in the year did not exceed 1,000.

The fewest officials worked in the ministries of education and science (396), state assets (362) and sports and tourism (167).

In three ministries, a particularly large increase in employment

In order to be able to compare employment growth in individual ministries, we had to limit their number to those that “survived” the restructuring of recent years. Because from the takeover of power by the United Right on November 16, 2015, until the end of 2021, 84 changes were made to the organization of ministries: appointments, liquidations, separations, mergers and, consequently, shifts of employees.

As we read in the NIK information, in 2020 organizational units and employees handling the matters of the Water Management department were excluded from the Ministry of Climate and Environment after less than six weeks from its creation and included in the Ministry of Infrastructure, and the Fisheries department was included in the Ministry of Infrastructure for less than four weeks and then went to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. In 2021, employees handling the matters of the Physical culture department were included in the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport for less than eight months, after which “the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage was re-created, and the units handling the matters of the Physical culture department became part of the re-created Ministry of Sport, then transformed, after de facto less than one day of existence, into the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

Therefore, in the list below we have included only six ministries: finance, defence, foreign affairs, internal affairs, justice and health – the structure in them has not changed. And again: employment in the Ministry of Finance was the largest in almost the entire period of 2015-2021 and exceeded two thousand people. Between 2015 and 2021, employment growth there was 28 percent.

Employment in selected ministries NIK

Even more – 35 percent. – employment in the Ministry of National Defense increased from 2016 to 2021: from 1,629 people to 2,202. Large, 16 percent. There was also an increase in the Ministry of Justice: from 751 to 872 people. In the Ministry of Health, the increase was 9 percent.

On the other hand, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs there was a decrease – by 1 per cent, while in the Ministry of Interior and Administration the decrease was 10 per cent.

2019-2021: ministers without awards but with higher salaries

On the occasion of checking data on the size of employment in individual ministries, in the results of the NIK audit on the implementation of the state budget, we came across information on how many awards were paid to all officials in 2021. In all controlled ministries, 26 central offices and in all voivodeship offices, awards for employees were issued PLN 243.8 million. According to NIK, “the average amount of bonuses paid to employees of ministries in 2021 ranged from PLN 0.5 thousand to PLN 17.3 thousand”.

In 2021 – as in 2019 and 2020 – no awards were paid to ministers and deputy ministers as well as voivodes and their deputies. In total, half a million zlotys in prizes were paid to persons holding managerial state positions in institutions other than ministries and voivodeship offices.

Information of the Supreme Audit Office on the amount of rewards for persons in managerial state positionsNIK

There are no awards for ministers and deputy ministers the effect of the scandal from the times of Prime Minister Beata Szydłowhen it turned out that in 2017 a total of PLN 5.5 million was spent on awards for ministries. “The money was simply due to them,” said Beata Szydło, then Deputy Prime Minister, during a parliamentary discussion on March 22, 2018.

NIK notes that in 2021, “for the first time in four years, there were changes in salaries for people holding managerial state positions, salaries for these people increased by almost 20 percent.”

In turn, in 2022 – as we wrote in Konkret24 – thanks to the regulation of President Andrzej Duda, the remuneration of the prime minister and ministers increased by 40 percent.

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka/PAP

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