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The Ministry of Health has published a full report on the oncology network pilot. The conclusions were negative

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Until now, the report on the pilot version of the National Oncology Network was a secret because that’s what the former Minister of Health in the PiS government – Adam Niedzielski – wanted. It was published on Wednesday at the insistence of the Alivia Foundation. The report leaves no trace of Niedzielski’s actions.

The final report from the pilot of the National Oncology Network is almost three hundred pages long. It was published on Wednesday, although it was written a year and a half ago. The report was classified by the former Minister of Health and this is hardly surprising, because the document prepared on his behalf is a devastating criticism of the actions of Adam Niedzielski and his predecessor Łukasz Szumowski.

The report was intended to answer a number of questions. – Has the quality of diagnosis and treatment of oncology patients improved? Has the waiting time for diagnosis and treatment shortened? Has cooperation between the centers participating in the pilot improved? – points out Joanna Frątczak-Kazanaz from the Alivia Foundation.

Special indicators – reference points – were intended to help answer these key questions. The report’s conclusions show that the first indicator is impossible to calculate. Indicators two and three are unreliable. The fourth indicator is for informational purposes only. The fifth is not comparable. No clear conclusions can be drawn from the sixth and last one.

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A fragment of the report from the pilot project of the National Oncology Network

– I don’t think he was prepared properly. When starting the study, these criteria should have been defined and the tools that would be used for this purpose should have been described, but this did not happen – says Prof. Cezary Szczylik, head of the Department of Clinical Oncology and Chemotherapy at the European Health Center in Otwock.

“The report should have been public from the beginning”

The previous government spent over PLN 130 million on the pilot project, which was supposed to help launch the National Oncology Network, but which was of no use and only proved that the network in this form could not work. A year before the elections, embarrassment was hanging in the balance, so in September 2022 the report was kept secret, and in January the following year, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health approved the establishment of the National Oncology Network in front of cameras. In March, the president signed the act.

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Because public opinion simultaneously demanded the disclosure of the pilot report, Adam Niedzielski published a shortened version, devoid of critical conclusions. No one was fooled by this and the opposition also demanded the publication of the full report. In December, after the elections, the National Health Fund published another, longer version, but also without conclusions. Only on Wednesday, under pressure from the Alivia Foundation, the Minister of Health published the whole thing. Why now?

– Because I have only been minister for three months. For reasons I do not understand, the report was kept secret, but the entire policy of the Ministry of Health will be transparent as long as I am there, says Izabela Leszczyna, Minister of Health.

– Such a report should be public from the beginning and should be the subject of public debate. This was not done here and I think that the officials realized that showing this report would be embarrassing – says Prof. Jacek Jassem, oncologist from the Medical University of Gdańsk.

Although the pilot was not successful, the current government intends to implement the National Oncology Network project and will spend gigantic funds from the National Oncology Network for it in a short time.

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