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The Ministry of National Education will finance school trips. However, teachers ask: what about overtime?

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“Travels with class”, a new program of the Ministry of National Education, provides funds for school trips. There must be visits to museums, science centers and theaters, but there is no list of acceptable places – like in the times of Minister Czarnek. There is one problem: with additional remuneration for teachers on the trip.

You can go sightseeing and spend time with friends, but you also have to pay, which is a challenge for some. That's why an injection of money will come in handy during school trips.

– Especially for kids who, unfortunately, do not have much money and whose parents cannot support them, this is very, very important – points out Małgorzata Frydel, director of the Catering School Complex in Wrocław. This school from Wrocław has already prepared applications under the “Travel with Class” program announced two weeks ago by the Ministry of National Education.

Bringing young people closer to the world of culture

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– The program is aimed primarily at encouraging young people to participate in events related to the world of culture – said Barbara Nowacka, Minister of National Education from the Civic Coalition, in May.

The Ministry of National Education will finance several-day trips for primary and secondary school students. However, the program must include, for example, visits to museums, science centers and theaters.

– We do not indicate enumeratively, we do not name them: you have to go to such and such a museum – says Piotr Otrębski, press spokesman for the Ministry of National Education.

A similar program was already in operation during the term of office of Minister Przemysław Czarnek – “Discover Poland”. At that time, however, there was no full funding and there was a requirement – you had to go on a trip to a place on the ministerial list. In the footsteps of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński or the greatest achievements of Polish science.

Teachers do not receive any additional remuneration

Regardless of the program and the government, the problem remains unresolved systemically for years.

– When our remuneration for overtime, for working at night, is once again omitted, we are not treated seriously – comments Maria Kowalewska, a teacher and activist of the “Free School” initiative.

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– Teachers going on a two- or three-day trip do not receive any additional remuneration – says Sławomir Broniarz, president of the Polish Teachers' Union. – They are not paid for night care – he adds.

Such a trip is a 24-hour job for a teacher. – You definitely have to keep your finger on the pulse all the time. This is not a relaxation trip, it is not rest – says Sylwia Winiarska, a Polish language teacher at a high school in Krakow.

The Ministry of National Education is to address teachers' demands

The matter becomes even more complicated when a teacher works in several schools. – We listen to the voices that have appeared now – assures Piotr Otrębski. He announces that the team, which includes trade unions, will meet on June 20. The Polish Teachers' Union called for this meeting.

There is hope for change. – The issue of how a teacher functions during such a trip should be regulated – said Barbara Nowacka on TOK FM radio.

Teachers also want to talk about linking their salaries with the average salary in the economy.

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