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The missing Polish woman found herself in an American hospital after five years. He has “memory problems”

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Five years after the disappearance, a 40-year-old Polish woman was found in a hospital in Miami, said the spokesman for the Chief of Police, Insp. Mariusz Ciarka. He added that the woman has memory problems. As he noted, Polish policemen helped the American services to identify the woman.

– A missing woman with memory problems was taken to a medical facility in Miami in USA KGP spokesman said. – The hospital staff, being convinced that they were dealing with a Polish woman, found a message about the missing woman published on the web by the Itaka Foundation – Center for Missing People and through the organization asked for information to be provided to the family about the fact that a person who was in the hospital was may be lost, he added.

The KGP spokesman explained that on the basis of information obtained from the relatives of the missing person, the Missing Persons Search Center of the National Police Headquarters established contact with the Office of the FBI Liaison Officer at the US Embassy in Warsaw and the Liaison Officer of the Polish Police in the USA.

Polish woman found in the USA. The FBI cooperated in the case

Ciarka emphasized that the woman’s identity was confirmed “as a result of exemplary cooperation between Polish police officers and FBI officers, as well as with the very active participation of the family.” – Very efficient actions of representatives of the services of both countries, Polish consulates in Washington and Miami, with the support of the staff of the hospital where the missing woman was staying, allowed for a positive conclusion of several years of searching for our citizen – added the KGP spokesman.

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Ciarka said that the search for a 40-year-old woman had been conducted by the police from Mazowsze since 2018. The woman’s identity has not been made public. The woman is still in the US, she is being treated there.

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