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The murder of a Pole shocked Sweden. “This man did it for his little boy and all Swedes.”

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Mr. Michał was taking his 12-year-old son to the swimming pool and noticed young people on the street. Then one of them pulled out a gun and shot him in front of his son. A reporter from “Uwaga!” was at the scene of the crime. TVN, who talked to the family of the shot man and Poles living in Stockholm. – It's not a problem for a teenage dealer to shoot. They wear bulletproof vests, said the Swedish woman when asked about the case.

39-year-old Michał Janicki died in front of his 12-year-old son, whom he was taking to the swimming pool. – One of them extended his hand and Michał slapped it away, and the other one pulled out a gun. Neo says that Papa covered himself with his hand and the man shot, says Mrs. Barbara, the murdered man's mother. – We can't forget this. You have to remember this because this man did it for his little boy and all Swedes – says one of the residents of Stockholm.

A court in Stockholm arrested a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old for two weeks in connection with the murder of a Pole. The prosecutor's office accuses them of hiding the person who fired the shot. They were in a group of four people met by the murdered man.

The “Uwagi!” reporter talked to the family of the shot man and Poles living in Stockholm. TVN. – They don't want to show their faces because they are afraid that someone will see it, come and unscrupulously pull out a gun and shoot them – says Jakub Dreczka.

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In recent years, Sweden has become one of the most dangerous countries in the European Union. It has the highest gun murder rate in the EU, and fatal shootings have more than tripled there over the past decade.

– Not a week goes by without someone dying. It's not a problem for a teenage dealer to take a gun out of his pocket and shoot. They wear bulletproof vests, says one resident of Stockholm anonymously. – One lives in fear all the time. It's not strange to read in the newspapers every day that someone was shot. (…) Children kill children – confesses Mrs. Aneta, sister of the murdered Michał.

A Pole killed in Sweden. People laid flowers and lit candlesENEX

He always reacted when someone was hurt

Well-organized gangs often consist of teenagers who distribute drugs on the streets. – These gangs are mainly young people. They cannot be convicted, they can be sent to juvenile detention, explains Przemysław Gołyński, a journalist who has been working in Sweden for 20 years.

Mr. Michał died at the hands of a young dealer or drug addict he met on his way. – He approached them and said: “go to another place, I'm passing here with my child and I don't want him to see such things” – reports the mother of the murdered 39-year-old.

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– He had previously reported to the police the places where these young people gather, where they trade drugs, in order to influence security, so that his 12-year-old son, in front of whose eyes it happened, could live in a better, safer Sweden – emphasizes the reporter of the “Uwaga!” program. TVN.

Unfortunately, Michał Janicki will never see a better and safer Sweden. – Michał would never get over it when he saw someone getting hurt, someone beating someone, he always came in and interfered, (…) because that's how he was – says Mrs. Barbara.

Main photo source: “Attention!” TVN

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